Culinary medicine: what is it and what are its advantages?

The Culinary medicine It is not nutrition, dietetics, preventive or integrative medicine, or internal medicine, nor is it gastronomy or food science. do not refuse prescribed medications; It’s not simply about good cooking, flavors or aromas.

“The Culinary medicine It is a new, evidence-based field that integrates the art of food and cooking with the science of medicine. It aims to help people make good personal medical decisions about obtaining and consuming high-quality food They help prevent and treat disease and restore well-being,” explains Yael Hasbani, health coach, culinary coach and professor of natural cooking (@yaelhasbani.healthcoach).

Similarly, the goal of culinary medicine is to enable the patient to take care of themselves safely, effectively, and happily with food and beverages as a primary care technique. “We use an approach that prioritizes whole food, plant-based, and focuses on simple techniques and culinary skills to ensure healthy eating is fun and sustainable for everyone,” the expert explains.

The specialist explains that there is a greater interest among people in eating away from home, in food and cooking in the media, as well as in common – and often contradictory – nutritional advice, especially with regard to weight control and chronic disease, as well as a great public interest in lifestyle medicine. .

Due to the huge abundance of processed foods, growing concerns about the health effects, and mouth-watering nature of fast food, people today are becoming more aware of what they are eating. This is how there’s a new trend for organic foods without additives, home gardens, local farming, and farmers’ markets.

Culinary medicine: what this way of life means

Who are you targeting? Anyone who wants to improve their health and learn more about healthy ingredients, improve their culinary skills, create a healthy kitchen and pantry, and find time to cook at home the healthy and easy way. It also aims to instruct health professionals so that they can provide comprehensive care to their patients and prescribe foods within their recommendations.

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Culinary medicine can be practiced through personal culinary training sessions, professionals trained in the field. You can also practice with culinary medicine tutorials or specific workshops. What a person learns is:

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