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Chinese scientists report that the 500-meter Giant Aperture Globe Telescope (FAST) has discovered “several cases of possible technological impacts and extraterrestrial civilizations”.

Information shared on Tuesday (14.06.2022) by Science and Technology Dailythe official gazette of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.

Suspicious signs in different years

In the publication, researchers from Peking Normal University explain that “Sky Eye,” as the radio telescope is informally known, has identified “several narrow-band electromagnetic signals different from those identified previously.”

So far, scientists have identified at least two sets of suspicious signals potentially attributed to extraterrestrial civilizations. One was first discovered in 2019, the other during this year.

Chinese scientists hope that FAST will be the first to discover and confirm the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.

can be interference

However, scientists believe that the detected signals can also be radio interference: “The possibility that the suspicious signal is some kind of radio interference is very high, and it needs further confirmation and exclusion,” said Zhang Tongjie, the cosmologist in charge of the investigation.

The scientist, who has been dubbed “China’s Best Space Hunter”, added, “The research conducted with the ‘Sky Eye’ is a long way and we have worked hard.”

FAST missions

The FAST space observation object, located in Guizhou Province, is the world’s largest and most sensitive aperture radio telescope. The dish was completed in 2016 and cost $171 million to build the observatory.

Although it was designed for different purposes, one of its main functions since 2020 has been the search for extraterrestrial life and other targets for exoplanets.

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Beijing Normal University is jointly working on a research program with scientists from Berkeley University, California (USA).

Zhang concluded, “China’s Eye of Heaven will repeat the observations of suspicious signals that have already been discovered for further examination and detection of new signals. We hope that ‘Eye of Heaven’ will be the first to discover and confirm the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations.”

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