COVID and contact infection: why it is easy to get infected with the micron variant by going to the supermarket

Although the height of cases generated by micron variable At the beginning of the year in Argentina, Different countries of the world still suffer from the most infectious strains From the known Covid-19 at the moment: while in Europe several countries recorded new highs in the positives, in Asia the micron is causing chaos again, with a special focus on Chinawhere last week The largest number of cases two years after the pandemic.

This strain discovered in November 2021 in South Africa continues to raise new questions and studies among specialists because of it Big difference in contrast to the original variant of Covid-19 It appeared in the Chinese city of Wuhan more than two years ago.

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In line with this, scientists are still continuing to study Micron properties that make it more contagious Pre-Covid-19 strains and favorites Standard spread.

Micron Variant: New Discoveries

Two new studies conducted in Asia, one in Japan and another in Hong Kongsuggests that one of the reasons an individual is more susceptible to infection with the micronized variant of Covid-19 is that this Remains active on surfaces twice as long as the original strain It appeared in Wuhan.

Both studies have not yet been reviewed, so they are in early stages. However, everything indicates that on surfaces such as Plastic, paper, or even leatherthe micronized alternative to Covid-19 has The ability to stay active twice as long compared to its predecessors.

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This discovery is essential to knowing how the virus is transmitted and what measures are needed to prevent it. prevent infection: Whereas with previous strains of SARS-CoV-2 the chances of getting infected by touching a contaminated surface were low, it now appears that Micron increases this risk.

In the first study published as PrepressScientists in Japan grew up in a series of laboratories Samples from different strains of COVID-19 Concentrated and purified.

Then these samples were placed Plastic boxes and human skin of carcasses at a temperature of about 77 degrees. In the first element, the original Wuhan variant survived for a few 56 hoursWhile the other strains – Alpha, Beta, Delta and Micron – survived until more than three timeswith the outstanding performance of this latest boom: It lasted for 193 hours (8 days).

In addition, the human skin test yielded the following results: the original strain from Wuhan, 8 hours; Other strains (alpha, beta and delta) More than 16 hours; Micron strain, 21 hours.

For its part, the study was conducted in Hong Kong – which is also awaiting peer review – Various tests on plastic, paper, glass and stainless steelThe results were similar: The Micron remained active for more hours than the other breeds.

The virus was first detected in Wuhan, where it survived about two days on stainless steel and plastic and four on glass, while The micron lasted about seven days in these elements. Tests on paper and human tissue were also better than other differences.

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These results are important to Emphasize the importance of hand washing As a precaution against SARS-CoV-2. in spite of that, Liu Bunone of the scientists responsible for the study, noted in an interview with CNN that Covid-19 is usually transmitted mainly through aerosols That a person expels into the air when speaking and breathing.

This type of infection occurs more easily in closed environments and with little air circulation, especially among unprotected individuals. “Microns continue to be transmitted primarily by close contact and aerosols.”The specialist explained.

Regarding the purpose of his study, he added, “We just want to confirm that we are too We must pay attention to hand hygiene and disinfecting contaminated surfaces.

In conclusion, Boone noted that cleaning efforts should focus on frequently touched objects or areas, namely: Door Handles, Handrails, Elevator ButtonsThe supermarket products which may have been previously touched by others, among others. In addition, he added that his study indicates Micron BA.1 variantWhile in many countries BA.2 is currently the most advanced.

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