Cordoba: The deadline for regulating medical cannabis has expired

This Tuesday expired the deadline for the regulation of the Medical Cannabis Law in Cordoba, which approves the therapeutic use of the cannabis plant and its derivatives.

In this way, cannabis organizations have asked the government to mobilize in this regard to eventually regulate the use of the plant for people who need it.

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Although the national standard was approved on March 29, 2017, Cordoba was the penultimate province that joined on May 5 this year.

for this part, Picture of Laura VilchesThe candidate for the National Senate in C√≥rdoba on the Left List emphasized that The punishment was an “important first step”, but it made it clear The law continues without “regulations allowing its effective application”.

“We will continue to fight because there are families who desperately need it,” he said after referring to this. “It was a victory for the struggle of young people, health professionals, scientists, patients, families and farmers”.

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National Law 27350 has been in effect since April 2017 and new regulations since November last year.

Among its main points, it includes promotion and prevention measures aimed at ensuring the right to health; awareness measures targeting the general population; Appropriate guidelines and manuals for care, treatment and accessibility; Free access to hemp oil and other derivatives for anyone who joins the program.

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In addition, it encourages the development of scientific evidence about different therapeutic alternatives for health problems, which do not address traditional medical treatments; Research into the therapeutic and scientific uses of cannabis and its derivatives, as well as verification of its human efficacy.

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