Concern for the health of journalist Guillermo Barrios: under anesthesia and on a respirator

Journalist Guillermo Barrios in hospital in serious condition (file)

In the early hours of Friday afternoon, news broke that shocked entertainment journalists and the general public: The Speaker Guillermo Barrios He was urgently admitted to the Finochietto Sanatorium and his state of health is very delicate.

as far as he can tell TV show According to sources close to the journalist, the diagnosis would be Pneumonia with multiple organ failure, for which he would need to be sedated and intubated to be able to breathe. While more results about his clinical prognosis are awaited, his partner has requested a series of prayers for a speedy recovery. This was stated by the journalist Leo Arias On his personal Twitter account: “We are without Twitter Gossip on the Net. We inform you that our colleague Guille Barrios has been accepted into the Finochietto Sanatorium A very sensitive moment for health.”

Pilar Smith reveals the worrying health situation to journalist Guillermo Barrios (Gossip. NET TV)

After a while, Arias added another message that he announced to his followers: “I just spoke to his partner, he is thanking me for the love and asking me for a chain of prayers for him. He is in narcotic treatment and on a ventilator. Let’s go with the good vibes arriving!!! “.

On the other hand, a driver gossip, Pilar SmithHe also expressed himself on social networks with best wishes to his partner in the program. “All my love for you is Guille Barrios, we are waiting for you and all the gossip on the network is praying for you. We love you,” said the journalist.

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On Friday’s broadcast on NET TV, the host informed viewers of the situation: “I want to dedicate the final minutes of the program to our dear colleague Guille who has a complex health condition, he is serious. The truth is, it was something like this that happens in life and health.

Journalist Leo Arias confirmed that Guillermo Barrios is in hospital in serious condition (Twitter)

“The day before yesterday he was here with us, so wonderful. Yesterday with a fever, he didn’t come. And now he’s in the hospital with several fronts fighting them all these hours.” “It’s serious, we’re praying. For me it was a very difficult programme, for everyone… I speak for myself because I’m in charge of the programme, but it’s also clear to my teammates. “We love him, we love him, we wish him a speedy recovery”Close the driver. “It’s a very sensitive and very powerful issue,” Leo Arias added. “I find it hard to talk, it turns me on a bit. I am sending you all the strength I can. We love you very much and hope you will be with us soon.”

Barrios is also part of a team evening of the ninth day, a course he learned in the past few hours that it will start at the end of the month. Upon hearing of his health, his colleagues also joined in the request for his rapid improvement. “which they raised evening of the ninth day Still young next to our beloved Guille Barrios restoration. Gisela Dirtinopoulos, the show’s producer, wrote a message that Driver repeated Thomas Denty And a member of the committee Anna Laura Romanby joining the hashtag #FuerzaGuille Barrios.

Nacho Rodriguez’s message about the health of journalist Guillermo Barrios (Twitter)

Another of his teammates who is clearly affected by the dangerous situation the speaker is in is Nacho Rodriguez. Guillermo Barrios, we have Guille Barrios, It is very dangerous. They confirmed that he is on a respirator due to a general infection and other more complex cases. Everything snapped. It just shocked me… It’s so hard for him. I am sending you and sending you all our love and strength. We love you, Gil Barrios,” he concluded with the emotional words.

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