Aníbal Lutoki has been disqualified from practicing medicine

The third chamber of the National Discrimination Chamber confirmed today Disqualification of Anibal Lutoki from practicing medicinein response to the request of the plaintiff Sandro Abraldes, who is intervening in the open case of serious injuries sustained by several patients, including the model and the driver Silvina Lunawho is still in the Italian Hospital of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (CABA).

Lautoki was sentenced at that time 4 years in prison and disqualification To practice medicine for 5 years for a serious injury offense Silvina Luna, Gabriela Trinchi, Stefania Ixipolitakis and Pamela SosaHowever, as the sentence was not final, neither the imprisonment nor the ban on working as a doctor has yet been enforced.

After Silvina Luna was admitted to the hospital, Prosecutor Abraldis, who presented the accusation at the trial, requested that Lutoki’s disqualification be effective to avoid new victims, and now, the cassation judges have granted this request, according to judicial sources.

The judges also considered that “it is indispensable to verify A Repeating acts harmful to public health As a result of the practice of the profession, as the penalty imposed, in the particular circumstances, covers four cases with similar characteristics, which, according to the decision always appealed, have caused serious damage to the health of Mr. Lutoki’s patients.”

Source: Talam News Agency

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