Concern for Silvina Luna’s health: she is still in critical condition and they are considering a tracheotomy

This wednesday in theyAnd Britto Angel Talk about again Silvina Luna He provided details of his health condition, which he described as “critical”. At the beginning of his program, the driver was strong when he said: “Sylvina is still in critical condition. One of the problems is the respirator: she cannot breathe on her own, either her body or her lungs have no strength,” said the journalist, who maintains constant contact with the intimate circle of the model and actress. That’s why you’re on a ventilator.” .

Later, de Brito related it The ventilator has a period of 14 days. Which is why they extubated her last week. They managed her for two days and had to intubate her again, sedate her and put her on a mechanical respirator.” In addition, he noted, “there is a certain degree of encephalopathy.” A brain disorder, damage or disease that affects a person and that is the result of infection.”

And about the symptoms caused by this disorder, the host of the American program described: “dehydration, excessive consumption of protein, low levels of potassium and sodium, It can also cause bleeding from the intestines, esophagus, or stomach. The picture is complex. I finish.

Ángel de Brito spoke about Silvina Luna’s health

According to Ángel de Brito, before he finished speaking on the subject, he said: Silvina presents with polyneuropathy and relates to the body’s nerves, many of which are compromised.. That’s why there’s talk of “multi-organ failure” and that doctors are “finally considering a tracheostomy so he can breathe another way.”

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Let us remember that on Tuesday night, De Brito himself reported on social networks that the doctors tried to get him off the ventilator, but they had to reverse the decision. “He has no strength to breathe without mechanical assistance,” the journalist said on his Twitter account.

In the latest medical report released on Monday afternoon, it was determined that the former Big Brother required ventilatory assistance due to her general muscle weakness. “Currently, she continues her work on mechanical ventilation, is awake and has stable vital signs. She will remain in the hospital in the intensive care service, where additional studies will be carried out and necessary treatments given,” they completed from the medical directive.

Luna experienced a slight setback in her health last Saturday, so the specialists decided to intubate her again so that her airway was open. The decision was made as a result of the problems that appeared on the model in the lungs, after the KPC bacteria were discovered in them.

Days ago, Dr. Guillermo Capuya provided details to Teleshow about what it is about and what the real danger it presents. In fact, KPC is a superbug, because It is a multi-resistant bacteria. Do Klebsiella pneumoniae carbapenemaseThe professional explained that this is what is called scientifically, and of course it affects people who suffer from poor health, such as immunosuppression and causes serious infections.

Later, Kabuya indicated her seriousness. It’s a very complex bacterium, because treatment is long and sometimes requires multiple combinations of antibiotics to find the ones that work best against it. Seven, eight, as many as ten antibiotics may be required to eradicate it.”

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