The House of Representatives approves the spending budget for 2023

The House of Representatives in general and in particular approved the decree balancing the expenditures of the Union for the fiscal year 2023 and sent it to the Head of the Executive Branch for its constitutional implications.

With 31 votes in favour, 24 against and no abstentions, the document was ratified which states that in accordance with Article 17 of the Federal General Budget Law and Treasury Responsibility for the current fiscal year, the budget deficit is expected to be 134 billion 140. 700,000 pesos.

PEF 2023 represents an 11.6 percent increase over that approved in 2022

The total amount represents an 11.6 percent increase in real terms over what was approved for 2022; He expects a budget deficit of 1 billion 134 thousand and 140.7 million pesos.

During the analysis and discussion of the opinion of the Budget and Public Account Commission, 2,264 reservations were submitted by deputies of different parliamentary blocs, who used the platform.

The plenary accepted four amendments: the first, to the second paragraph of the Twelfth Transitional Article; Addition to Article 24 in Section Four; Adding the Thirteenth Article and the Fourteenth Transitional Article.

In other words, of the more than 2,000 reservations submitted, only 4 have been approved, initiatives by lawmakers from Morena and the Labor Party.

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