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The Canadian Outdoor Cycling World Championships, which is being held in Quebec City, concluded on Sunday. The Colombian delegation achieved impressive results and won four medals.

Daniela Carolina Monívar Flores gave the first joy to the “Tricolor” team. The cyclist from Boyaca took the bronze in the individual time trial, pointing to the C2 class. The Colombian set a mark of 31: 15.94 in 17.6 kilometers and climbed to the podium.

Monívar crossed the finish line 2:11.77 behind Swiss contestant Florina Regling, who took the gold with a time of 29:08.77. The podium was completed by German owner Hausberger, who set the stopwatch at 29:25.02.

The national sprinter was not satisfied with that bronze and sought a medal in the long-distance event. Monívar improved on what had been achieved in the Time Trial and took second place in the 52.8-kilometre race.

The cyclist from Coquita touched gold, clocking 1:33:04; Whereas, Rigling was a tenth faster (1:33:03). Hausberger completed the podium with bronze with a time of 1:38:14.

Alejandro Perea at the MotoGP World Championships in Canada.

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Paula Osa of Bogota followed in her compatriot’s footsteps and won silver in the C5 long-distance race. This race consists of 61.6 kilometers and an average speed of 36.78 kilometers per hour.

OSA finished the flight at 1:45:49; While Germany’s Christine Brachtendorf had a time of 1:40:29, which allowed her to win the gold medal. The podium was completed by the French Marie Patoyer.

Alejandro Perea “showed his face” in the men’s division and took a commendable third place in the C3 class. The 24-year-old rider from Antioquia covered 61.6 kilometers in 1:38:34.

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The gold medal in this category went to Germany’s Stephen Warias, who crossed the finish line in 1:38:33, a time close to that of the Colombian. For his part, Spain’s Eduardo Santas won the silver medal.

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