Firefighters douse the first tank fire in the oil port fire in Matanzas, Cuba.

Fire continues at fuel reserve center in Matanzas, Cuba

The Cuban regime announced, at noon on Sunday, that the flames were contained in the first fuel tank that burned in the port of supertankers in the city of Matanzas.80 km from Havana.

Cuban Specialized Forces, With the support of Mexican and Venezuelan technicians and specialists who arrived on the island on Saturday eveningFirst Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba in Matanzas, Susili Morva, was able to put out the fire caused by the oil spill after the impact of lightning on the first tank.

But Morva explained that the second tank was still burning and deformed. For its part, the third tank keeps its structure “in good condition”, and if it is cooled with water at intervals to maintain an appropriate temperature that prevents combustion.

Specialists from the Fire Department and the Revolutionary Armed Forces are stationed at the scene to try to increase the water flow into the firefighters’ tank.who continue to fight fire.

The Caribbean island was hit by a severe fire in oil tanks in an industrial area, injuring 70 people and missing 17

First Colonel Ernesto Rodríguez Gallo Valdes, of the Matanzas Military District, explains that the pumping system extracts seawater that is transferred through a pipe to the fire area.

Extensive work is also being done to extract fuel stored in nearby tanks with CUPET specialists. The diesel will be sent to other centers in Matanzas and Havana while a ship is expected to dock in the next few hours to transport much of this fuel.

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The fire broke out on Friday as a result of a lightning strike on a 55,000-liter oil tank. So far, 123 people have been confirmed injured, one killed and 16 missing, while the evacuation of residents of the area has begun due to the danger posed by toxic gases..

Of the 121 injured, almost all of them with burns, 85 have been discharged, 36 have been hospitalized, of whom five are in critical condition.

Explosion in a warehouse in Cuba

Also, report 17 missing. The presidency said on its account on Twitter that “firefighters were in the closest area” to the fire, adding that “Cuba requested help and advice from friendly countries with experience in the oil issue.”

Dictator Miguel Diaz-Canel declared that putting out the fire “may take some time”, while the director of trade and supply for the Cuban Petroleum Federation (Cupet), Asbel Leal, made it clear that the country had never faced a fire before. The size we have today.

According to Matanzas authorities, The number of evacuees rose to 1,900.

Fire continues at fuel reserve center in Matanzas, Cuba

Each deposit has a capacity of 50 thousand cubic meters of crude oil, but the amount it contained at the time of the explosions is unknown. The amount of fuel per tank is comparable to that of 15 Olympic swimming pools.

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