Colombia: Ingrid Betancourt drops her candidacy for the presidency to support Rodolfo Hernandez | in the last line

candidate for Green Oxygen Party, Ingrid Betancourtannounced on Friday He gives up his presidential ambition and his support for Rodolfo Hernandezof the Association of Anti-Corruption Leaders, for the upcoming elections in Colombia, which will be held on May 29.

The political expert said, “I have taken a decision to support the only candidate who can defeat the regime today. He is the only candidate from the center. We want a candidate to reach the presidency without being tied down or indebted to anyone.” during her speech.

In this sense, it was considered that Hernandez “The only candidate “who can go to a second round and defeat either of the two above in the polls: Gustavo Petro, of the left-wing Historic Charter Party, and right-wing Federico “Fico” Gutierrez, of Iquibo Port, Colombia.

Although Betancourt admitted that the decision was “very difficult” for her, she stressed that the important thing was to “step aside” to support the candidate and called on the rest of the centrist parties to do the same.

“I want to make a call first Sergio Fajardo (Center for Hope Coalition) And for every alliance. This is the only decision worth making at this time and there can be no other considerations, neither economic nor legal, only what is appropriate for Colombia. This is the campaign where we can unite, reconcile and finally return to the dream of Colombia that we have always dreamed of.”

Intent to vote

Hernandez fell The difference in intent to vote with GutierrezWhich remained in second place according to the results of the survey invader Released on Friday.

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Hernandez, the former mayor of Bucaramanga and leader of the Conservative League’s anti-corruption movement, rose seven percentage points to 20.9%. In this way, he is six percentage points behind Gutiérrez, who has a commitment of 27.1%.

While, Petro remains the favorite with 40.6%. of the intent to vote. In contrast, Fajardo’s candidate gets 5% and remains in fourth place.

if i had second round Between Petro and Gutierrez, Kan 52.7% will vote for the historic charter candidate and 44.2% for the Columbia team. In a scenario between Petro and Hernandez, the historic charter candidate would reach 50% of the vote, while the independent would get 47.4%.

The Next May 29 Presidential elections will be held in Colombia. If the most voted candidate does not receive half plus one of the total valid votes, he will go to the second round, scheduled for June 19, where the most voted candidates will be selected.

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