He is Argentinian and lives in the United States and admitted that living there is “like being in a movie.”

An Argentine living in the United States participated on his account Tik Tok What is it like to live in that country? The user showed surprising details about Day after day in North American territory. The young man stressed that “living in the United States is like being in a movie.”

Luke, who lives in the United States, said that the famous yellow school buses, seen in movies, have become a reality in the daily lives of Americans, and are used as the preferred means of transportation to transport children to school.

But that’s not all, traditional ice cream trucks that travel through neighborhoods with their clear music are also popular in the United States, as the user commented.

Additionally, Luke pointed out that Thanksgiving is more important than Christmas. As seen in the series, on that date families gather to enjoy a turkey stuffed with vegetables at a celebratory dinner symbolizing gratitude and family unity.

Movie Life: This is how Americans live

Finally, the young man showed that the celebration of Halloween in the United States reaches amazing levels, with homes decorated in a scary way and children wearing costumes asking for candy on Halloween.

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