China seeks to be the world’s hegemon, according to the United States

China seeks to surpass the United States as the world’s superpower, The US Secretary of State said, anthony Blinken, While he warned about Taiwan.

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Successive American presidents have called China “A”. The main challenge in the long term As for the United States, but some American analysts saw that Beijing’s ambitions focus more on research and developmentWashington’s influence in Asia reduces its global role.

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I believe that what it seeks is to be the dominant power in the world militarily, economically, and diplomatically.Blinken said when asked at a forum about China’s intentions on September 28.

This is what Xi Jinping seeks“He said about the Chinese president.”In some ways, this is not a surprise. There is an unusual history in ChinaHe added at the ceremony organized by the magazine Atlantic Ocean.

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I think if you look and listen to Chinese leaders, you will see that they are trying to reclaim what they believe is their rightful place in the world.“he added.

Anthony Blinken

France Press agency

Trade disputes, the Taiwan issue, and the Chinese presence in the South China Sea, which Washington describes as expansionist. These are some of the issues facing the United States and China.

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But the two countries have renewed dialogue in recent months through a series of visits by senior American officials to Beijing, including Blinken.

The head of US diplomacy said there was a lot at stake Taiwan because of its role in the global economy.

If there is a crisis over Taiwan precipitated by Chinese actions, we will witness a global economic crisisBlinken said.

China considers this autonomous island its own province awaiting reunification with the rest of its territory, and in recent years Diplomatic and military pressures increased against him.

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We want, everyone wants, peace and stability, and everyone wants to maintain the status quoBlinken said.

France Press agency

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