A move to remember: Argentine Candela Francisco Jocamburu became champion of the Junior Chess World Cup

Candetta received the game in 2013 as a Christmas gift. And it never stops growing

Young Argentine chess player Candela Belen Francisco Jocamburu17, has just made a move to remember: he has conquered World Youth Chess Championship Which concluded today in Mexico with the participation of 85 players from 42 countries. The young woman from Pilar, representing the Villa Martelli chess circle, did an excellent job, remaining undefeated with 6 wins and 5 draws, sharing the privileged position with the North American player. Carissa Yip And Bulgarian Beloslava KrastevaAll with 8.5 points, but Argentina won with the best result in a tie-break system.

With this achievement, Candela became The seventh national chess figure to win a world title. Previous? Oscar Pano (in 1953), Carlos Belecki (in 1959), Marcelo Timpone (in 1979), Sandra Villegas (in 1985), Pablo Czarnecki (in 1992) and Alain Pichot (in 2014). A mark that adorns history and a new mark on the upward trajectory of the young chess star, who last May established herself as the “Queen of America” by winning the Women’s Continental Championship held in Cuba.

The final round of the competition, scheduled for 11 days, was held today at the Prado Hotel, the headquarters of the competition in Mexico City, in which the Bulgarian Krasteva was leading at the beginning of the matches with 8.5 points. At the first table in the glamorous game room, the leading player faced one of her companions, Argentinian Candela Francisco, while the other two companions, North American Yip and Irishman Trisha Kanyamarala, faced each other at the second table. After nearly five hours of intense fighting, the Argentine chess player struck the first blow by achieving a valuable victory with black pieces in 53 moves, thus securing first place in the general table. Later, after 70 moves, the young American woman was able to overcome her Irish opponent, joining the group of leaders with 8.5 points, alongside the Argentine and Bulgarian.

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So you had to wait until the end of the last match of the tournament to be able to determine the parameters and meet the new world junior champion. There Candela Francisco stood out, as she obtained a higher result thanks to her performance against her rivals (she won against the Bulgarian and tied with the North American). Yip drew with both players, Krasteva drew with one and lost with the other. The half-point advantage was enough for the new consecration. “With God everything is possible”It was the first post written by the young Argentine chess player on her IG account @cande_francisco.

“With God, everything is possible,” he wrote on social media after his consecration.

Throughout her short but exciting career, America’s Queen taught alongside distinguished professors; Teachers Sebastian Ermeto, Andres Rodriguez and Diego Valerga. In addition, she was selected some time ago to join the US Young Talent Plan group led by Uruguayan professor Andres Rodríguez, under the supervision of FIDE America. Candela is a student of the teacher and seven-time Argentine champion Diego Flores.

The story of Candela Belén Francisco Jocamburu, born on August 14, 2006 and daughter of mother Lorena and father Agustín, has a unique plot. Chess came into his hands at Christmas 2013, when Santa Claus left him a chess set as a gift. “Sounds interesting,” was the first exclamation. Two years later, while her parents were doing community tasks at a shopping mall in Pilar, she decided to learn the moves with other kids her age. He was 9 years old when his grandfather Pedro read in a newspaper that there was a small school operating in the municipality of Pilar. There he refined his basics and immediately excelled in the classroom. Confident in her progress, her mother, Lorena, took her to a competition. Without knowing it, they discovered that it was a national championship. It was her baptismal test and she got third place. What followed was amazing. In just seven years, her talent has soared to the stars: three-time Argentine Champion, Pan American Champion, South American Champion, Blitz Online School World Chess Champion Runner-up, achieving the titles of Master Candidate in 2018, Master Intention in 2019, and Grand Master Conquering the Continental last May, and as of today, she is the World Youth Champion. Surprising track record. A dream future.

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