Important changes in the US visa process starting October 1: Find out about them! | News from Mexico

Mexico City.- The United States Office of Consular Affairs announced the changes Important in the visa application process starting October 1, 2023, which will affect everyone interested in processing a visa to enter the North American country.

Here are the main aspects you should keep in mind:

End of 2022 prices: As of October 1, the 2022 visa application fee will no longer be valid.

Previous payments due: All payments for applications submitted before October 1, 2022 will be due on September 30 of this year. This means that if you have paid for your application before this date and have not scheduled an interview, You will lose Money and you’ll have to start the process again, now at the new prices.

There is no need for an interview before September 30: Although you do not have to do the interview before September 30, it is important to schedule it in the system to honor the rate you previously paid.

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Avoid changing scheduled interviews: If you already have an interview scheduled, it is recommended that you do not attempt to change it, as you will lose the original appointment and associated fees.

These changes are crucial for anyone going through the US visa processing process, so it is recommended to pay attention to the dates and requirements Updated. The information comes from the US Office of Consular Affairs and it is important to follow their instructions to avoid complications in the process.

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