‘China has changed’: Germany presented a strategy to reduce its economic dependence on the regime

From file: Chinese Head of State Xi Jinping meets US Secretary of State Antony Blinken at the Great Hall of the People in Beijing, China (Reuters)

Germany declared that it would reduce its dependence on China in “critical sectors“, In an effort to reduce its economic dependence on the second world economy. The government published the firststrategy on China‘, a challenging document that highlights the delicate balance you must strike to manage your dependence on it BeijingAmid growing criticism of the system registry Xi Jinping On human rights and their position on international law.

The 64-page document was released amid a wider push the West to relieve strategic dependence on China – which policy makers called a “risk-off” – amid concerns about a growing risk Chinese hegemony in the Indian and Pacific oceans and potential disruptions in the wider supply chain.

However, it has sometimes been considered Germany As a weak link in the Western approach to Chinadue to its strong trading ties with the rising Asian superpower, which became the country’s largest trading partner in 2016.

German companies and industrial associations – Some warn against sudden distancing from China – highly welcomed the strategywhich did not specify any binding objectives or requirements.

China has changed. As a result of this and Chinese political decisions, we have to change our approach to Chinaread the document, which was approved by the Cabinet on Thursday after months of wrangling within the chancellor’s tripartite coalition. Olaf Schulz.

The Chinese system remains an indispensable partner in addressing global challenges such as climate change and epidemics. However, rivalry and competition has increased in recent years with the expansion of the government’s role. Communist Party Under the leadership of Xi Jinping.

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China She is getting stricter in her attempts Changing the rules-based international orderwith consequences for global security, even with the decline of civil and political rights in their own countries.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz attends a press conference on domestic and foreign policy issues at the “Bundespressekonferenz” in Berlin, Germany, on July 14, 2023 (Reuters)

thus, Germany Continue to strengthen its military presence and cooperation with its partners Indian and Pacific Oceansand warned that the current situation from strait Taiwan It can only be changed by peaceful means and mutual agreement. China He claims to be his autonomy Taiwan He never gave up using force to bring it under his control. Taiwan claims that only the island’s residents decide its future.

We cannot remain indifferent to the tension surrounding TaiwanThis was stated by the German Foreign Minister, Annalina Berbock, in a presentation of the document calling for the expansion of relations with the island. “A military escalation would also be dangerous for millions of people around the world, that is, for us as well.“.

resolution China To expand its relationship with Russia also has immediate implications for security GermanyThe strategy said, referring to it Beijing He lacked credibility in his support of Ukrainian sovereignty given his acceptance of Russian narratives.

Furthermore, the strategy stipulated that the government would review its export control lists in the context of new technological developments to ensure that German products would not “Encouraging systematic human rights violations in ChinaNor do they support military rearmament.

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He also supported the idea of ​​revising controls on foreign investment in the latest technology for military use, an idea that is being considered by European Commission.

According to analysts, the strategy clearly emphasizes the need for close cooperation with European Union related ChinaIt sends a clear message that Germany’s approach to the country has changed, after years of prioritizing bilateral economic interests.

It is a much-needed first-rate funeral for (former Chancellor Angela) Merkel’s illusions of a comprehensive strategic partnership with China under Xi.“, He said Thorsten BennerFrom the Global Public Policy Institute. “It is positive that it offers an open view of the challenges posed by the party state“.

scholza social democrat, has claimed in the past that risk reduction is largely a matter of business rather than the state, which has put him at odds with his coalition partner, the Greens, and other European policymakers.

to a journalist’s question from Reuters on new procedures that companies can expect, Schulze emphasized that the strategy is global And that many companies have already adapted to this new view of the world.

Many companies will continue to invest heavily in China and export to China (…), but they will also take advantage of the opportunities available to them to invest, build supply chains, and export to other places.he announced at a wide-ranging 90-minute summer news conference.So I see great agreement between the change in corporate investment strategies and what this government has written“.

strategy China Delayed for a long time due to differences between SPD and the green About how tight the position is China. Ministries projects Foreign affairs and economicsled by the Green Party and leaked last year, included tougher proposals for companies, such as regular stress tests.

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(With information from Reuters and local media). –

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