“The impact was very violent”: a 23-year-old girl jumped from a thousand meters, the parachute failed and hit the ground

A 23-year-old girl jumped from a height of 1,000 meters and the parachute failed and died as a result of the violent collision. The tragic event occurred on Friday night in the city of Strasbourg in France.

The free fall part It went normally, but there was a problem with the canopyRoland Ilyes, Technical Director of the Alsace Skydiving School Regional Center (CERP) commented.

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How did this tragic event happen?

Roman Horcastagno took off on a small plane with 10 other people. In the moment of jumping, youth Note that his parachute did not open And we made a rescue did not work. From the air, his comrades quickly noticed what was happening.

However, all they can do is Watch the situation helplessly. At that time, they were in altitude about a kilometer I headed towards the grass field.

The victim died in the landing area of ​​the regional center of the skydiving school at Boulegon Airport in Strasbourg, France. (Photo: Courtesy DNA)

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“The impact on the ground was very violent.”A witness reassured. Immediately, emergency services were alerted to the situation, but They couldn’t do anything by the victim.

she was young pronounced dead By a doctor came to the scene. The paratroopers who were with her were also taken care of, Totally shocked Because of what just happened.

Equipment used for jumping has been seized

The police confiscated the equipment used during the jump, while the authorities opened an investigation. To determine the causes of the tragic event.

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In this sense, they plan to speak with those who witnessed the sequence. They will also notice Pictures taken with GoPro cameras Fall into the helmets of the paratroopers who were in the jump.

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The victim was skydiving a year ago.

Roman Horcastagno was a paratrooper “For about a year”As determined by CERP Technical Director, Roland Ilyes. “He has started his initial training within the institution and exercise diligently“, He expressed.

“Previously He had experience of a hundred jumps“, the coach added. In this context, he explained that “each of the fifty umbrellas in the center has its specifications that are somewhat similar to the technical control of a car. There is a validation protocol for each use“.

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