Antena 3 Internacional presents the second version of “I See How You Sing” on Saturday

Madrid, July 14 (European Press) –

After touring the world, “I See How You Sing” returns to Antena 3 Internacional with a second release, opening this Saturday, July 15th.

In this second season, the program presented by Manel Fuentes will once again feature Ruth Lorenzo, El Monaguelo and Josie as counselors, which will help the contestants get to know the good singers and unmask the scammers. In addition, each program will also feature a new musical personality, who will immerse himself in the various rounds to try and help the contestant succeed in the final stage. This week’s special guest will be Chinua.

The novelties will also go through a new round that promises to confuse and entertain in equal measure, a stage that will become the funniest and most difficult test for I See How You Sing: out-of-tune playback. In it, before the interrogation before the last duet, the “mystery singers” who made it there will make a playback in which they sing in two voices, one out of tune, which will cause confusion and cause laughter. And also a terrible and funny confusion.

Being one of the TV formats of recent times, I See How You Sing has already appeared in the latest edition of MIPCOM in Cannes as one of the most adapted programs of the past year. In addition, it was nominated at the 44th Primetime Emmy Awards in the Outstanding Entertainment Program category, as well as at the 2020 Venice TV Awards in the same category. The format has been modified again by Atresmedia and Warner Bros. Pictures.

Mysterious singer or con artist?

“I See You Sing” is a musical guessing show, where the contestant, with the help of a group of celebrities and a famous guest artist, has to guess whether the “Mystery Singers” are good or bad singers, without actually hearing them sing. Just because of his looks, his way of moving, lip-syncing, or his stance on stage.

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With the help of a series of clues, the opinions and comments of the advisors and the different guest artist on each program, the contestant will fight for a cash prize for which he will need a good dose of intuition, detail analysis and a good mood.

“I see how you sing”, round after round

From the point of

In this first round, the contestant must eliminate a singer based solely on first impression. The contestants will have to use their intuition and the little gestures they were able to see in each of the “mystery singers” as they pose on their catwalk.


In this round, the Mystery Singers face a reboot. Everyone will have to translate a song using the lipsync method. Real singers will sync to their real voice. Scammers don’t. The contestant must choose two of them and eliminate them.

The gossip of my life

At this point, the contestant will have the opportunity to investigate, through a video clip, the lives of two “mysterious singers” who remain in the programme, to try to discover some clues that will help them decide on a new elimination. The real singers will tell the whole truth in this video, but the scammers will try to deceive the contestant by pretending to be people who are interested in music and have a background in this artistic world. The contestant must be attentive to the smallest details, because there may be some essential keys in them.

musical ability

In this round, the contestant will choose a “mystery singer” to play an instrument. This way you will see if you have musical talent or not. New evidence could also mislead*

Play out of tune

The new round of this edition will baffle and amuse locals and strangers. If so far distinguishing good singers from rogues has not been an easy task, then playing out of tune will not be easy. At this point, the final three “Mystery Singers” will defend their songs in a replay with two voices: one in tune and one out of tune. Only one of the two will be yours. The contestant must guess which sounds they hear belong to the mystery singer.

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Final round of elimination. Two mystery singers remain and the contestant must choose one of them. To do this, he still has one last helping left. You will be able to interview one of the mystery singers for 30 seconds to try and discover any clues that would lead you to decide on a real singer. For his part, the guest musician will be able to ask one question to the other mystery singer.

The ultimate duo

After the clues, the games, the uncertainty* it’s time to make a final decision and choose the ‘Mystery Singer’. The selected singer will perform a duet song with the guest artist. From being a good vocalist, the “I See How You Sing” stage will become a real two-voice show and demonstration of musical talent. In case you’re a hustler, the show is also insured, though the duo’s song may not be as melodic as expected.


Manel Fuentes

Born in Barcelona, ​​journalist Manel Fuentes has developed his career as a presenter on radio and television. His career started on the airwaves in the 1990s and he was jumping into television on the show “Crónicas Marcianas”. Later, the presenter took charge of different formats such as “La noche * con Fuentes y Cía” or “Caiga quien Caiga”. In 2002, he won the Ondas Award for Best Presenter thanks to his work on the small screen.

In 2011, he started his career at Antena 3 where he led the successful talent show Tu cara me suena, a program he remains master of ceremonies and one of its mainstays.

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altar boy

Comedian, actor and presenter, Sergio Fernández “El Monaguillo” is today one of the most popular comedians on the entertainment scene in Spain. Collaborator with “El Hormiguero” (Antena 3), “Más de Uno” (Onda Cero), “Me resbala” (Antena 3), “Tu Cara me Suena” (Antena 3), “Veo Cómo Cantas” (Antena 3) Among others, he is also one of the leading voices on the Onda Cero radio station. He started his career in radio in 1995. Three years later he became the radio partner of José Luis Salas in several radio spaces and in 2001 he was a finalist in the third monologue competition of “El club de la comedia”.

In 2008, he began collaborating on television and created “La parroquia del Monaguillo” on Onda Cero, a program in which he gave scope to the humor that has always characterized him. In theatre, he has starred in many plays, such as “To live like this is to die with humor”, “The Curve of Happiness” and “Taxi” with Josima Yusti. With 10 published books, El Monaguillo has participated with humorous articles in various literary and journalistic projects. He is currently with his show Do I Just See Him? At the Teatro de La Latina in Madrid.

Ruth Lawrence

Singer-songwriter Ruth Lorenzo rose to fame after appearing on UK show The X Factor, whose rendition of Prince’s Purple Rain became an internet phenomenon, with millions of views worldwide.

After singing with artists such as Mariah Carey, Take That or Beyoncé, and touring more than 200 concerts across Europe, among others, Ruth Lorenzo represented Spain at Eurovision in 2014 with the song “Dancing in the Rain”, achieving the best place in the our country this century.

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