Windows 11 will no longer support ARM apps

ARM apps will stop working on Windows 11 if Microsoft integrates the new feature released in the beta channel into the stable version of its operating system.

Windows 11 says goodbye to ARM apps. Yes, these apps finally bid farewell to the latest version of Microsoft’s operating system. ARM32 apps will no longer be compatible with Windows 11, which can be problematic at first for Microsoft products with 32-bit ARM processors.

Windows 11 requirements include 64-bit ARM processors. This specification has been overlooked until now, but with the new update that Microsoft has, the situation will change completely. In fact, this is one of the main problems that users with 32-bit ARM computers will encounter.

Windows 11 Preview Build 25905 removes support for ARM apps. This new version was launched on the Windows Insider Canary channel, and it is available for everyone who wants to try this beta version of Windows 11 that Microsoft has been developing in recent weeks.

Why remove support for 32-bit ARM applications? The main reason is the fact that recent processors from Qualcomm and other companies are completely ditching 32-bit ARM support which means that the operating system has to adapt to these corporate decisions.

ARM apps are disappearing from Windows 11

Despite what it might mean in general, it should not affect users. Yes, ARM applications will disappear if they are only in 32-bit versions. But usually all of these applications or at least the most popular ones are also x86 based so you don’t have to worry.

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Microsoft’s statement does not mention Win32 applications, such as older versions of Microsoft Office for ARM. It is not known if and when these apps will stop working as well. Many of them have been upgraded to 64-bit ARM or have x86 versions that can be emulated.

The removal of 32-bit ARM support is only available on the Canary test channel at this time.. So it will take several weeks or months for the change to reach all Windows ARM computers. There is no exact date for this now so it is up to the developers. The following ads.

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