Chile’s lawyer spoke in the case of Ecuadorean player Byron Castillo: What can FIFA rule

Byron Castillo plays for Ecuador against Chile

Attorney Eduardo Carlizzorepresentative Chilean Football Association, This week presented details of the evidence on the complaint against the Ecuadorean footballer’s federation Byron fortwho accused them before FIFA Alleged falsity of nationality.

At a press conference in Santiago, He showed the player a certificate of baptism, in which it is indicated that the ceremony was to take place in the Colombian city of Tumaco.. According to him, this and other evidence confirms that the 23-year-old footballer is Colombian, not Ecuadorean, and that his participation in the team led by Argentine Gustavo Alvaro calls for punishment. “This document is very important to me (…) It says that Byron was born in Colombia and dated November 25, 1996. It was recognized and approved by the Church on June 1, 2022Carlizo said in front of reporters.

In turn, the lawyer argued that Castillo’s Ecuadorean birth certificate was forged: “This testimony indicates that Byron Castillo was to be born in Playas, Ecuador, on November 10, 1998, and there are many inconsistencies.”. One of them is that “there are no fingerprints on the document”. In addition, he emphasized that he did not understand why, if his parents were Colombians and lived in Colombia, they traveled more than 700 kilometers until their son was born in another country. “It would be shameful for FIFA to ignore this evidence, and the burden of proof is too great,” the lawyer said.

Eduardo Carlizo, lawyer and specialist in international sports law representing the Chilean Federation in this case (EFE)
Eduardo Carlizo, lawyer and specialist in international sports law representing the Chilean Federation in this case (EFE)

The controversy was revealed in early May when The Chilean Football Association has formalized to FIFA a complaint against Ecuador for “the use of a false birth certificate, false declaration of age and false nationality” of player Byron Castillo..the Red He demands points in the two matches he played against Ecuador in the qualifiers, and if he achieves them, he will qualify for the World Cup in Qatar,

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However, Carlizzo admitted to the press the difficulty of achieving this: “I can safely say that if we had more time, for example, if we started this issue in December or January, without a tie in the groups, without qualified teams, I have no doubt, based on the documents we have, that we will have a positive decision on Chile.. I have no doubts about it, I want to be very clear.” But he was honest: “When we think about the current situation, when we know that there are groups that have been withdrawn, the organization of the World Cup is in progress, tickets are sold, travel packages, everyone is preparing for the World Cup, the easiest decision is to keep everything as it is.”

For his part, the coach of the Ecuadorean national team, Argentine Gustavo Alfaro, also spoke about this: “We are very calm because we know how we did things”He said at a press conference in Chicago, USA at the weekend before playing a friendly match against Mexico. “We are focused on working and preparing the team for the World Cup because we know we rightfully won the classification we should have won, on the pitch, and we won it the way we should have.”

Ecuador ranked fourth in the qualifiers with 26 points, More than Peru, which will play in the play-off against Australia, three more than Colombia. Chile finished with 19, But if he gets the five points he claims (in his duels against El Tree he lost 2-0 and drew 0-0 at home) he can keep the fourth ticket.

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FIFA will issue its decision on Friday. One possibility is that he dismisses this complaint from Chile, and the other is that he leads to the claim and awards points to the Red. However, the entity can also issue a penalty against Ecuador that does not remove it from the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

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