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by Angel Dominguez

Just five years after taking his first steps in softball, Marco Antonio Diaz Moreno He was called up to become one of the main characters in the national promotion.

Under the tutelage of Julio Rodriguez, Panfilo “Filo” Valdez and Carlos Caro, after taking a medal at the U.S. Under-17 Championships and participating in the New Zealand World Championships, the Ensenada man began his rise by being included in the U. – 23 pre-selections and mayor of Mexico.

So far, he’s had to reckon with nearly a dozen hitters in his initial career, only one of them in the Second Force class and the rest in First Force, and one of 27 hits in 10 rings.

Diaz Moreno’s beginnings were at the age of four in “Diamond” baseball, a pitch for the Giants, directed by Miguel Siqueiros (RIP).

In the Ensenada Municipal Children’s and Youth League, he also belonged to the Pirates of Miguel Angel “Papu” Castro, the Giants Francisco Moctezuma, and the Angels of Marco Brown.

While in the defunct educational league in Ensenada, the former 3rd base officer and hunter was part of the Colts, whose manager was Alfredo Peralta Nunez.

“I played the country and had a national calling; however, I enjoyed it more when I was out, around 14-15, as we advanced to the finals and were champions with the Pirates, Giants and Angels,” he recalls.

turn your lane

Marco Diaz Moreno declared, “I never combined the two sports and started in softball as a professional, until I left my childhood and youth in baseball.”

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“About 2017, Julio Rodriguez invited me to a project of bringing pure youth, famous events into the Business League, so it was my first term and my first citizen to play with them, and from there we went to the municipality, where we have so far continued,” he commented.

The shirts he’s wearing are Galapinos, Sosius, and New Era jerseys, with the latter, “I agreed to be with them a couple of tournaments ago so it would be more fair.”

“I went into softball more than anything to help Julio, I caught David Peralta and I saw a lack of play, I told Julio I wanted to try it; since I was young I always saw my idol and my idol Pánfilo Valdez, I asked him questions and he guided me to give me an idea of ​​how Throwing, thanks to him I was able to look at Julio Rodriguez,” he noted.

He defined the move to the shooting circuit, “At first it’s very hard to find an area, but based on dedication and training, you learn and take control.”

“I was pitch by pitch, base and base, and it was hard to win matches that way, that’s why the whole team went with Julio three to four days a week to train,” he explained.

After representing Baja California at two national championships—Children’s in Ensenada and Under-17 in Monterey—”Things didn’t go well for me and from that moment on I devoted myself to improving my techniques and striving to move forward.”

The hard work paid off and “the first call-up to the national team was in 2019, after we were crowned undefeated champions in Hermosillo, we went to try in Monterrey, did the cut and were second in Ensenada”.

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Along with Emiliano Soto Valenzuela, also from Buenos Aires, he won a silver medal at the Pan American Under-17 Championship in Guatemala.

At the show, he won against Belize, Panama and got into relief work to quell the local onslaught.

“We qualified for the New Zealand U18 World Cup 2020, we finished sixth and didn’t qualify for the big round so we could fight for the top five,” he said.

The name of a fourth-year law degree student at the University of Xochicalco, appears in the list of preselections for ‘Tricolores’ and Mayor.

“We will be focusing on March 11-13 in San Luis Rio Colorado, Sonora, and we will continue to prepare to face each call even stronger, to be able to put on a good show for our dealers, viewers, and fans,” he explained.

“I was going to Florida (US) with Carlos Bernadez, and I’m also very grateful to him,” said Diaz Moreno, present and future of Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, who has in his collection “82 mile hook, 78 altitude, 50 change.”

“There I opened the doors for me to train with Carlos Caro, the coach of the Cuban stadium, who worked as Bernadez’s assistant at the Tokyo Olympics, he polished the details in my mechanic and some of the little things that gave me and that’s how it is. I’ve been getting better,” he explained.

Confident of his potential, he said, “I see myself as one of the best at the national level and, God willing, at the global level.”

“One of the other goals is to unite myself in the great national team and give competition to the rest of his teammates so that everyone can rise to the next level,” he added.

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The advice he receives from his family, especially from his father Marco Antonio Diaz Durazzo and grandfather Armando Diaz Nimr, “Never take your feet off the ground and I am grateful to those who have contributed something since my beginnings.”

“They also recommend that I don’t try too hard to avoid injuries,” concluded the athlete, who trains from two to two and a half hours at the Manuel “Cibello” Salgado stadium, with the support of his catcher Rolando Cesena, in the afternoon. He goes to the gym.

Name: Marco Antonio Diaz Moreno
Birthplace: Chula Vista, California

Birthdate: January 30, 2002

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