“Plants are the oldest existing medicine” – Radio Nacional

Interview with Sarah Itkin
It's not too late yet

“Plants are the oldest medicine in existence.”

General practitioners, e.g Sarah AtkinThey play an essential role in comprehensively supporting people throughout their lives, from pregnancy through old age. Among the tools they use to enhance the health of their patients, medicinal plants are becoming more important.

ItkinThanks to his extensive experience in this field, he highlighted the ancestral value and exceptional properties of plants: “Many years ago, while conducting dialogues with the different communities in which I lived, I learned that plants are the oldest existing medicine and that they have wonderful benefits and express their properties, they are imbued with memory. It shapes the cultural heritage of the people beyond its effective components and principles. That's why they are called healthy plants. he added.

The general practitioner emphasized the presence of plants in our lives: “Plants help us regain joy. “There are plants that remove our sadness and raise our defenses.”

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