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Dua Lipa is focusing all her energies on the release of the movie “Houdini”, his new musical production. Through their social networks, you can now listen to part of the promotional song that will be released on November 9 with special releases in three capitals around the world.

London, like her birthplace, will be her starting center. But there will also be events in Los Angeles and Tokyo, according to the British singer herself on social networks.

But in addition to her music release, Dua Lipa changed her look to look distinctive during the events where she will present her new songs. The 28-year-old singer is ditching her dark hair; She stopped being a brunette and became a redhead.

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The intense red color is now part of her look, which can be seen in one of her recent posts on her Instagram account.

“I’m hosting three surprise Houdini launch events in London, Los Angeles and Tokyo. The first will be in my hometown, London, this Thursday. I’ll be inviting some of my fans from the UK and all over Europe, so keep your eyes peeled,” Dua Lipa wrote in the post that shows the change Her appearance.


The new song that the singer will release will be titled “Houdini.”As the famous fugitive and conjurer, he has yet to share a teaser for his video, so he may release the song first and then the music video.

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newly, Dua Lipa confirmed on her Instagram account that the first song from her new album will be titled “Houdini,” and that it will be released on November 9.. You can see the singer’s face kissing her reflection on its cover.

This new musical era is expected to take sounds from the 70s and be very eclectic, but without leaving its distinctive folk sound, Considering that his previous album featured sounds from the early ’80s, many are hoping that he will once again embrace the new beats of another era.

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