Cats, Dogs, Ferrets, and Turtles: In PHOTOS Comedy Pet Photo Awards Finalists

The organization has announced the finalists for the 2023 edition of the Comedy Pet Photo Awards.

a cat He shows his tongue to the camera, and another tries to catch the ball as if Draw Martineza mongoose He smiles loudly dog Sand diving, are some of the pets that have become among the 25 finalists Comedy Pet Picture Awards from this year.

The organization has released the best photos for this year’s contest, after a lengthy review of the thousands of photos I entered. As always, when we ask them to send them fun pictures Adorable petsThey did not disappoint. And these 25 photos are the result. Comedy Pet Picture Awards on his web page.

Fun photo contest created by photographers Paul Jason Hicks And Tom peaceto celebrate the positive and vital role that companion animals play in people’s lives.

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A dog doing a sand dip (Comedy Pet Photo Awards)

the global competition From the depiction detailed in their press release that they intend to generate positive awareness about Petsbecause they help their owners a lot, more than you might think.

The founders of the competition considered animals to be wonderful companions, because they really listen to their owners when they need it most, and the only thing they are looking for in return is love and attention.

The 25 selected photos are now subject to serious evaluation by the judges, all of whom are experts. Animal loversTo choose a winner,” the organization detailed the process for the group of people who will rate which pet will be this year’s winner.

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Comedy Pet Picture Awards Consider that behind every photo a pet There is a strong message about how to help Pets. The contest founders are nature lovers, and most of them are nature lovers cat also dog At home and seeking to share that love with others.

Tom peaceone of the founders Pet comedyHe said that they once again had the opportunity to see some really interesting entries in the competition and that this year in particular there were a wide variety of animals, from ferrets to turtles and donkeys.

In addition to the judging panel of experts, people can also participate in voting through the official page of Pet comics pictures. Below we share some of the photos that made it to this last stage:

A dog roams a New York park. (Chris Porsz/Comedy Pet Photo Awards)

Cameraman Chris Powers He caught a border collie doing somersaults to go for the ball his owner had just thrown. The people directly in front of the dog were impressed by the great leap she made.

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intention Porsche Is that through this quiz you can find the dog’s guardian to see the cool picture he took of his pet.

A cat resting at a port in Japan (Kenichi Morinaga / Comedy Pet Photo Awards)

Kenichi Morinaga took a sitting cat like a boss, and the image spoke into it Fukuoka, Japan. he Bicolor cats He’s looking towards the horizon as if he’s angry with his back kicks completely on the ground and his two front kicks help him support himself.

A cat from France thinks he’s a goalkeeper (Félix Larcher / Comedy Pet Photo Awards)

Felix Larcher of Ardèche, Francehe captured the exact moment his cat caught a ball of paper as if he was contesting a final world Cup. The tabby cat’s great preservation helped him to be in the top 25 in the world Comedy Pet Picture Awards.

Edgar the turtle eating a flower (Jonathan Casse / Comedy Pet Photo Awards)

This turtle’s favorite food is dandelion leaves and flowers. Jonathan Casey He took advantage of the fact that the reptile was eating plants to take the picture.

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August 11 next Comedy Pet Picture Awards The mascots that won this year will be announced. The best overall photo prize will win a trophy, a cash prize and a camera backpack.

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