Carla Vizotti takes over as Minister of Health – news

President Alberto Fernandez was sworn in on Saturday Carla Visotti As the new health minister, amid the vaccine scandal.

First Lady Fabiola Yanez; chief of staff , Santiago Caveiro; Vice President Cecilia Todeska and Education Ministers Nicholas Trotta; Security, Sabina Frederick; And from tourism and sports, Matthias Llamins; Among other officials.

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He also participated in the law, which did not include the statements of Parliament Speaker Sergio Massa. And head of the Bami Party, Ioana Vollnovic.

Vizzotti, who served as Secretary of the Ministry for Access to Health, was officially appointed Saturday in the Official Gazette, where the resignation of Gonzalez Garcia was also published.

It was decided to change ministers on Friday after an argument sparked by the journalist Horace Verbitsky He publicly admitted that he got a coronavirus vaccine in the offices of that wallet.

The resignation request was formally drafted through the Chief of Staff, Santiago Cavero, and Vizzotti’s appointment was confirmed after a meeting the official subsequently held at Government House with President Fernandez.

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The new Minister of Health is 47 years old and received her medical degree from the University of Salvador. Vizzotti specializes in the control of infectious diseases that can be prevented by immunity, in internal medicine, and in systems and social security. She is the founder and president of the Argentine Association for Vaccination and Epidemiology (SAVE).

Among other posts, he was responsible for the National Directorate of Immune-Preventable Disease Control (DiNaCEI) of the Ministry of Health of Argentina (2007-2016) and was part of the global organization’s Technical Advisory Group on Immunization Practices. Health (2013-2019).

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What’s more, Was a member of the WHO Technical Advisory Group on Maternal Immunization (2014-2016) and the PAHO Technical Advisory Group on Maternal Immunization (2014-2016).

He was also a member of the founding board of the IAIM (International Association of Immunization Directors / International Association of Immunization Directors) (2013-2015) and also on the board of directors of the Argentine Society of Infectology (2013-2018), among others.

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