Motion cinema is living in a golden age

The Animated film, Like all ArtsShe had moments of good and bad, some joyful and some low. Today, this species is experiencing a majestic flowering, driven by Making Who is determined to embody America’s prophecy John Whitney, Pioneer Vitality about the computer.

Whitney (1917-1995) he went to Date As the father of generative art, he is also called Algorithmic art (Computer generated artwork using algorithms). In the 1960s, it was announced that computers were meant to help people Artists To create works ColorsAnd the Shapes s Song, And envisaged in those devices Key symbol For development to Vitality.

Whitney was not wrong. Today, until Animated films Created from Craft techniques Use computers to gain depth and reach light You need scene or level check the details On the fur of a monster it is impossible to draw it by hand.

the first Traditional tape The one that uses computers was the ‘Beauty and the Beast’ study Disney, 1991). thanks for the Digital technology, The legendary scene of the dance between Bella s Monster Make the viewer believe the camera was moving in all directions.

victoryToy story(Pixar Studio, 1995), the first film to be made entirely on computers, transformed animation. It all started as a struggle between Pixar/Disney with study Business dream, Which made us believe at some point that the animator’s fate was in Three-dimensional And the Submit – make.

Well, no. Since victory ‘Spidera leg: In a spiderverse(Sony Study, 2018) In the category Academy Award, computing was clearly a a toolBut the artist (the artist’s team, rather) had it Creative Control And if the story needs pencils, these must be used.

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To be fair, the credit for not being afraid of the mix of technologies went toRalphAnd the And shattered(Disney, 2012), developed Digitally But that succeeded in merging 3D with precision strikes in two parts Dimensions. Box office success Ralph The studios pushed to offer more freedom For artists.

It is always said that quantity is not always Quality. But for this year’s Golden Globe Awards (which will repeat itself in OscarThere is a feeling that they have been left out Nominations many of FilmsAt least four. Before that, having three candidates was considered redundant.

Big favorite of Globus – as well as him OscarWho will know his candidates on March 15th – he is existentialistSoul(Pixar). American Directed Peter DocterThe combination of techniques is designed to highlight the basic premise of the plot, centered around two souls, one that does not want to live and the other does not want to die.

The technical challenge was to show General Something intangible as a soul without the characters looking like ghosts. Another challenge was to compare New York (tangible, colorful, credible, but unrealistic) with More back (Ethereal and mystic).

The rest of the nominated films are also meritorious and have very strong points in their favor. “Onwards(Pixar) he is ‘Road movieWhich mixes fantasy in the style of “Lord of the Rings” with extravagance status United.

Over the moon(Pearl / Sony) demonstrates the tremendous progress that animation has made in China, although foreign creators continue to present so-called TechniqueNot just in terms Technique But also to make it happen Local history For free Filmed To be appreciated in the West.

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Croods 2: A New Era (Business dream(It shows how 3D has evolved to represent human bodies and their movements, while “Wolf Walkers” explains)Cartoon salon/Melosin) Appeals to Pencils But with the help of computers to illuminate scenes and make color a part of Narration.

Those who were excluded from the nominations deserve a few lines. For example, it hurts Japanese strips Excluded, despite the artistic beauty of ‘Love Ready(Colorido Studio) And the development of “Demon Slayer the Movie: Mugen Train” (Ufotable / Toho), applause jewels last year.

With an eager audience Mobile products Quality, the studios will likely continue to invest in Technique In your movies to preserve this new golden age Vitality.

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