Canada offers work to Mexicans, but legally

Not only state join Requires to hand in a job Mexican now too Canada join the countries thatcitizenshipThey found work source Precisely for this reason, the Government Of that country warns interested Do your paperwork for legal tracks.

Shona Hemingway, Deputy Ambassador of Canada, and Sandra Shaddick, Consul in Monterrey, agreed that the Canadian Embassy in Mexico announced the Vías Abiertas Program to Work Temporarily in Canada, so that those interested could process a visa for that purpose.

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“Mexico is the number one provider of temporary workers in Canada, with an annual figure of 51,000 people employed mainly in the agricultural sector,” Hemingway said.

The deputy ambassador noted that there are no quotas or restrictions on the number of foreign workers admitted to Canada.

He added that “work permits are granted based on the demand and work needs of employers.”

Hemingway noted that managed immigration has many benefits.

“Among them, closing labor gaps, maintaining population growth, promoting respect for diversity, and reducing incentives to migrate through irregular means.”

The ambassador stressed that immigration is essential to Canada’s long-term economic growth.

“It represents 100% of the labor force growth and it is expected that within 10 years it will account for 100% of the population growth.”

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Hemingway asked those interested in going to work temporarily in Canada to carry out formalities through diplomatic representation and to avoid managers because they might deceive them.

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