Netflix: A movie about the Titanic based on a true event leads the top 10

CATALOGUE Netflix It is so vast and has so many titles to offer that its products are often lost in this vast world. In recent days, the audience of the platform has discovered a documentary film based on real events about the Titanic tragedy, which quickly made it among the most watched.

In the “Mysteries of the Titanic” course, you can see the remains of the original ship and talk about its sinking. Although it was filmed in 2001 and directed by James Cameron and premiered in 2003, it is only now with the whole event of the explosion of the submarine, which searched for the wreckage, that the audience became interested in this series, which added Netflix long before. This one-hour documentary, which airs on the giant broadcasting channel, in addition to the famous director, the cast consists of Dr. John Broadwater, Dr. Laurie Johnston, Ken Marshall, and Louis Abernathy.

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