Camila will no longer be the ‘consort’ of the Queen, and this is confirmed by the invitation to the coronation of King Carlos III

On May 6, more than 2,000 people will attend the coronation of King Charles III of the United Kingdom, which will take place at Westminster Abbey in London. On Tuesday, Buckingham Palace revealed what the invitation card looks like for the important event, revealing what will be Camilla’s new title, who she is, so far, Queen Consort.

“Coronation of His Majesty King Carlos III and Queen Camilla. By order of the King, the Earl Marshall has the pleasure to invite…” reads the card, designed by heraldry artist and manuscript illustrator Andrew Jamieson.

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The word “consort” thus officially disappears to refer to Camilla as the new queen.

The image was distributed by Buckingham Palace.

Buckingham Palace.

The invitation is inspired by the gritty themes of Arthurian legend and includes the Green Man Below, an ancient character from British folklore, symbol of spring and rebirth, to celebrate the New Testament.

But the surprises of the coronation do not end there, as on the 6th of next May, London will become a big party full of activities, a date that contradicts tradition, as many expected that the new coronation would take place in June, the month in the first month. That the beloved and remembered Queen Elizabeth II will celebrate the 70th anniversary of her enthronement (953).

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On the other hand, after the inauguration period, the long weekend of May 6, 7 and 8, Monday will be declared a holiday in the country and there will be public events for all residents of the country, which will be able to meet through an interactive map, as if that were not enough On May 7, there will be a big party in which residents of the British capital will be able to share a meal with their neighbors and families.

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Just as there will be music in the streets, the palace will be driven by a playlist personally chosen by King Carlos, a list of 12 pieces that will be played during the ceremony. Among them there will be a tribute to his father, Philip of Edinburgh, which is why you will hear Greek Orthodox music. There will also be a gospel choir showcasing the cultural diversity of the UK; And the music of Harry Styles, one of the most successful British artists of recent years, could not be missing.

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