Top 10 movies you can watch on HBO Spain

The HBO Catalog He is envied. We can only spend several months watching all the episodes of his most emblematic series one by one; from Geese a Two meters underground To others unknown like ReturnAnd so on until reaching the present. But when we don’t want to commit in the long term to stories that span multiple seasons, We also find very prominent titles in its movie offer.

Epic Harry Potter, Superhero movies Justice League, Animated films like Paddington Or great documentaries, if what you want to watch is a feature film, On HBO there are proposals for everyone. These are the 10 movies SERIES & MS recommends you watch on HBO Spain.

10- not pregnant (2020)

Barbie Ferrara and Haley Lou Richardson, two teenage stories as strong as they are trance s Edge of seventeenThey are a star in this Road trip Which combines drama and comedy as two friends from Missouri travel to Albuquerque as one of them is Illegal abortion can be accessed In the state in which you live.

9. “Expediente Warren: The Conjuring” (2013)


Opinion This was James Fan’s first appearance as a director and screenwriter, following some of his sequels and The most insidious The first movie of the successful saga has arrived Sorcery, in which Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga They play the couple Warren, who are superhero detectives who are based on real people. Horror fans will enjoy this story that has all the ingredients required in a genre act.

8- “The Elephant” (2003)

Gus Van Sant B.Gold spirit And Best Director Award Cannes Film Festival 2013 With this film based on the massacre at the Columbine Institute. A psychological drama that explores a sensitive and controversial issue, born as a documentary and turned into a fantasy, performed by unprofessional actors that leaves no one indifferent.

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7. “Real Women Have Curves” (2002)

“Real women have curves.”

Patricia Cardoso was the first Latina to win the Audience Award at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival and she did so through this story. America Ferrera, Where the actress plays Anna, the first woman in her family (of Mexican descent) who can dream of going to college, but her mother denies her who wants her to marry, have children and take care of her. when you grow up. It was the movie Chosen by the Library of Congress in the United States For its cultural, historical and aesthetic value.

6. Shazam! (2019)

Fans of Foursquare will find this movie based on the DC character Visually bright story and tone, Which sets it apart from intense dramas with a gray palette from other titles in the franchise. Critics and audiences enjoyed the film starring Zachary Levy, which served as a revelation at the box office during its release month.

5. “Deception” (2020)

Bad education.

It premiered at the Toronto Film Festival and based on the largest real school embezzlement case in American history, the story tells the story. From the charismatic Dr. Frank Tasson (Hugh Jackman(And his assistant, Pam Glucken)Alison Janney), Who steals millions of dollars from the public school district.

4. “Behind the Thuraya” (2013)

Behind the Lights.

The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival, directed by Steven Soderberg Based on the diaries of Scott Thorson and Alex Thurlifson, Behind the Candlesticks: My Life with Liberace. Michael Douglas s Matt Damon They give great performances in title roles, and explore Thorson’s relationship with host and pianist Liberace, since he started as his assistant. After its premiere on HBO, it won 11 Emmy Awards.

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3. “The Natural Heart” (2014)

Based on the award-winning play of the same name by Larry Kramer, this story directed by Ryan Murphy tells the beginning of the HIV crisis in the gay community in New York during the 1980s. Mark Ruffalo, Matt Bomer, Julia Roberts, Alfred Molina, Taylor Kitch and Jim ParsoThey are part of the crew of this film that focuses on the efforts of various activists and sympathetic doctors who have tried to uncover the truth about the epidemic and seek help to combat it in a country determined to ignore the problem.

2. “The Tale” (2018)

Notary Jennifer Fox writes and directs this story Based on your personal experienceWhen, at the age of forty, she received a call from her mother, she was so worried that she had found an article of her, a transcript written when she was 13 years old, in which she talked about the relationship she kept secret with a man who had been twice. Her age. The fact that Fox did not remember it. Laura Dern plays her role in this amazing movie about the stories we tell ourselves when we choose how to remember certain things.

1. “Gravity” (2013)


Winner of seven Oscars in the 2014 release is a hugely exciting science fiction thriller It also maintains its overwhelming strength in our living room. Close the blinds and turn up the volume to enjoy the splendor of the photos, the stunning and innovative directorial work of Alfonso Cuarón, and the sound design and majestic interpretation of Sandra Bullock.

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