California. The “snake thief” steals thousands of dollars at work


a Surveillance video showed a man sliding upside down in the lobby of Rustic Roots in Riverside About five o’clock last Friday morning, After stealing thousands of dollarsThe thief got off work by escaping from a rooftop fire.

The owner of the place is nicknamed the “snake thief”. Because of the way he sneaked through their buildings, stealing hundreds of dollars worth of goods, cash from the register, and a safe for more than $8000.

Owner Laurie Al Hajj said, “I was crawling.”

Said a security guard who was installing a new alarm system in the hall The thief successfully tried to avoid the motion sensor.

The same thief appears to have stolen from other businesses, including a local pizzeria where a security video shows a man crawling on his stomach, like the thief who stole Laurie Pilgrim’s business.

Currently the police are searching for the man nicknamed “The Snake Thief”, who has gained fame for the way he committed the robberies, in addition to the wave of robberies that have occurred in Southern California in recent days, as well as fleeing with thousands of dollars on your own.


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