Business sales closed poorly in the first quarter of 2023




April 17, 2023 2:30 PM PM.

monthly report for finalco Just threw it 23% of the merchants consulted stated that their sales had increased.

The situation was more difficult for sectors such as apparel, which due to the increase in tariffs on products imported from Asia by 40%, They have readjusted their prices upwards, Fenalco warned before agreeing to the measure.

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It is clear that these figures are largely due to the persistence of inflation which has severely affected consumption, especially durable goods such as cars, furniture and home appliances. It is also evident that as a result of the effect of higher taxes on wage earners; Colombian households have a lower tendency to buy“, claimed Jaime Alberto Cabal, President of Fenalco.

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With this situation in mind, the union leader reiterated the need to declare an economic, social and environmental emergency in the provinces of Cauca and Nariño, which report an alarming performance in their sales, as a result of Problems continue on the Pan American Road.

For businessmen, the spread of protests in different parts of the country is worrying, affecting citizens and thus commerce.
Including logistics costs and delays in delivery Products in warehouses have increased this year due to this problem.

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In fact, the union points out that there is already a new practice for scheduling business activities, according to Schedule of parades that take place most often In working days that affect companies’ productivity and competitiveness.

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