Ana de Armas in her monologue on Saturday Night Live: “I learned English watching Friends”

Ana de Armas The program has started “Saturday Night Live” affiliate NBC With an anecdote-filled monologue that begins by speaking in Spanish with a nod to his Spanish-Cuban roots. He continued speaking in English and explained how he learned the language: “I was born in Cuba and came to the United States when I was 26. I learned English the way everyone who comes to this country learns: by watching friends,” the translator joked. Who would have thought that the best English teacher would be Chandler Bing? , referring to the legendary character from the American series.

Armas wanted to highlight the “magic year” he’s going through, for Nominated for an Academy Award for the film ‘blond’. Currently, the movie is about to be released “ghost” And the tape is over “ballet dancer” (June 7), a sequel to the epic John Wick series, in which he stars alongside Keanu Reeves. The actress also revealed that she will become a US citizen in three weeks. “I am proud to be a citizen of this country because when I moved here everyone was very welcoming,” she added.

Cuban remembered an anecdote she lived with Robert De Niro, When she shot her first movie in the US, ‘Hands of Stone’ with him. “One day, he said to me, ‘Maybe I’ll go to Cuba soon. If you go, I’ll greet your family.’” He even asked me for his phone number, ”the actress amusingly explained,” and then I completely forgot about it and one day, suddenly, my father called me. I was hysterical. I said, “Dad, what’s up?” And he said, “Robert De Niro came to see me in action.” It was a very nice gesture and I was fortunate to work with a cast who were very supportive,” Armas continued.

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After the initial monologue, the Oscar nominee engaged in several “sketches” with the singer Carol J. Recreated the movie trailer ‘Barbie’ In one of the scenes of the show, she plays the role of a top student in Spanish lessons.

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