Bullitt created a network of LLCs in Miami to launder money

At least 14 companies are incorporated in Florida. Many of them appear in the real estate purchases the former official made with the resources he got from bribes.

Former Comptroller Carlos Polit created and managed A chain of companies in miamiAccording to Florida District Court documents regarding a trial for money laundering and other charges against the former official.

Bullitt used those companies to Money laundering bribery He acquired it from the Brazilian company Odebrecht and from an Ecuadorean businessman with contracts with Seguros Sucre.

The US Attorney’s Office indictment stated that the “first conspirator” was responsible for its creation and management. apparently, This person is John Bullitt, the son of the former Comptroller.

But he did not use his own name or that of Carlos Polit in its creation. According to the United States, he used the names of some of his associates, although in many cases without their permission.

It is estimated that this alleged criminal network established at least 14 companies.

More flexible companies

According to the public records related to the case, most of these companies were established under the LLC method.

To be abbreviated in English, these types of companies Limited liability. According to Prodezk – a company that specializes in setting up these companies – this type of company is most popular in the United States because it offers More flexible tax benefits.

To set up this type of company, a person does not need to be an American or be in that country. Prodezk, for example, has a three-step process: filling out a form, making payment, and receiving documents.

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In the case of Florida, where Pólit Network corporations are incorporated, payment for incorporating an LLC starts at $520 and can go up to $1,400 if additional services such as billing, accounting, taxes, a phone number, or an office are required. in the United States.

LLCs bought “mansions”

The companies established by Pólit and his co-conspirators opened accounts in American banks.

Between June 2014 and March 2016, Pólit had “Conspirator 1” and intermediary companies in Panama (which was the first destination for the bribery money) funneling millions of dollars into a Florida company’s account, and then on to other companies’ accounts.

then who These companies bought merchandise in different sectors of Miami.

For example, these resources were used to redesign a luxury residence in Coral Gables, which was in the name of a company created in Florida. And in 2017, this residence was sold for $4.1 million.

In May 2016, instead, Pólit and Co-conspirator 1 used Odebrecht’s kickbacks to purchase an office building in Coral Gables for $2.6 million and put it in the name of another Florida-created company.

In the case, the names of these companies were not disclosed. Although if the property addresses details are disclosed. And through the gate miamidade.gov The owners of these properties can be identified.

They are limited liability companies:

  • The property is located at 1902 SW 22 Street in Miami and is owned by the company 1900 Office Building LLC.
  • Section 702 of Building 301 on Altara Street in Miami is registered in the name of the company GCZ Fund.
  • The property, located at 1010 NW 9th CT, in Miami, is owned by Workforce Housing South LLC.
  • According to the Nuevo Herald, it was the first mansion to be renovated and sold in Coral Gables with the name 8112 Los Pinos Cir LLC.
  • In addition, the Miami newspaper reported on another characteristic that did not appear in the indictment. It’s another office building in the middle of that city who bought it 1830 Coral Way LLC.
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According to an investigation published by the Nuevo Herald in 2019, Carlos Polit and his son John have transferred approximately $7 million USD to buy and sell real estate in Miamime. The total amount was so there are no mortgages.

At that time, on social networks, Paulette responded and said that his son does not own any of the mentioned properties. And that the good things that he has are the fruit of his work.

The character of Jose Luis Ycaza

According to the indictment data and the Nuevo Herald report, there are five LLCs associated with Pólit and its assets:

  • 1900 Office Building LLC
  • GCZ Fund
  • Los Pinos Sir
  • 1830 Coral Way LLC
  • Workforce Housing South LLC

According to Sunbiz, the Processing, Research and Information Center of the Department of Corporations of the State Department of Florida (USA), the top four have one thing in common.

The person in charge of these companies is the Ecuadorean, Jose Luis Yacaza Pazmenio. According to your profile LinkedInYcaza is a financial advisor “with a proven track record in the field and also as a developer of new business for investors and families through networking, trust and property management tools.”

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He is currently the Director of Moscato Consulting Services, another LLC. Prior to that, he worked at Merrill Lynch, a company dedicated to capital markets.

In Ecuador, on the other hand, Ycaza has a political past. He was Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Central Bank, between 2000 and 2002, during the government of Gustavo Noboa. He was Minister of Industries and Foreign Trade in the administration of Jamil Moawad.

According to the gate BisprofilesYcaza – In addition to the four companies mentioned in the Pólit case, it has participation in nine other LLCs.

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