Annama Ferreira denounced a campaign against her, saying: “I will not leave the country, they want to destroy me.”

Anama Ferrera He screamed to heaven when he knew it Mariana Bri I told her that she was leaving Argentina to settle in Europe with a new love. Despite the fact that she will be traveling to the Old Continent, the former model told TN Show that she has no plans to move, let alone pursue a man.

Annoyed, she pointed it out The novel of his early departure endangered his modeling schoolMany girls are reluctant to register for fear that it will be closed in the next few weeks.

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“I love Argentina, I don’t abandon ship when it’s bad. I didn’t leave in 2000, at least I’m leaving now. What they say is tarnish my reputation. They want to make me look like a crazy woman chasing a man under 30 years old. That’s bullshit.”

Annama Ferreira is upset by a rumor that Mariana Brie has slipped into ‘Show Partners’. (Photo: instagram / anamaferreira)

Anama Ferreira is worried about her school as a model

after A year without activity due to quarantine, Anama was able to reopen her academy and resume face-to-face lessons. The place is so prestigious that even Pamela David and Nicole Newman They entrusted their daughters with it. However, now with his passing abroad being copied, he fears going and bankruptcy.

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“People hear that and stop coming. In this pandemic I’ve been struggling to get my company going. My employees called me crying and worried. The people working with me thought they were staying in the street.”

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Anamá Ferreira has managed to reopen her modeling school and she doesn't want rumors to end up causing her to melt.  (Photo: instagram / anamaferreira)
Anamá Ferreira has managed to reopen her modeling school and she doesn’t want rumors to end up causing her to melt. (Photo: instagram / anamaferreira)

Finally, he said that he had been married to Argentina for 40 years, where he decided to settle after leaving his native Brazil: “I love the country, I live and work here and it will be like this forever.”

The Mariana Brie version that made Anama Ferreira explode

On View partnersThe spokesperson said that the businesswoman fell in love with a European: “Met love. She met him a while ago at Milan Fashion Week. He’s a very handsome Italian The one who does not want to give the name, does not want us to chase them on the networks, is half selfish with the subject.

Brie noted that the former model had plans to move in with him, adding: “She is in love, the important thing is that she leaves us and does not return. I fell in love with his big mouth. His words caused a lot of pain in Ferreira, who in his dialogue with TN Show did not deny the trip abroad but made it clear that he did not plan to leave the country which gave him so much joy.

Anama Ferreira will not live in Europe.  (Photo: Instagram / @anamaferreira)
Anama Ferreira will not live in Europe. (Photo: Instagram / @anamaferreira)

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