MINI pays homage to the Flash movie with a special edition electric Cooper

With the turmoil caused by the new movie of flash (flashin Columbia), which premiered last Thursday, June 15 at the cinemas in the countryMini takes something quirky from one of its models.

what’s new?

Minnie pays homage to the Flash, a fictional character from the DC Comics universe, by It introduces a special edition Cooper SE, which is an electric version of its unique model.

83 years ago, “The Flash” first appeared in the United States in a 1940 issue of Flash Comics. Today, the Mini Cooper SE takes on many of the DC Comics character’s characteristics by being electric, quiet, high-performance, and truly powerful.

Adorning the Mini Cooper SE Its body has classic red and yellow colors, as well as the signature rays of a superhero. Her representative illustrations are shown on the doors.

Work done on this electric mini Reinterpretation of the historical cover of Story #123, illustrated by Carmine Infantino and originally published September 1961. The story incorporates the classic version of flash (Jay Garrick) in his modern version (Barry Allen), which has become popular thanks to various films and TV series. in the background, as in the original cover of the cartoonsShows the city where all of The Flash’s adventures take place: Central City.

Mini’s homage to the Flash was designed in collaboration with Panini Comics, which announced in 2020 the publication of the DC Multiverse comics in Italy. The work was shown at Lucca Changes 2020, an international comics fair recently held in Tuscany, as part of its 80th anniversary. of personality in the said year.

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How about this tribute to the superhero from Minnie? Have you seen the new movie yet? flash? Leave us your comments.

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