Uruguay can accept refugees from Afghanistan

Avanos near Kabul airport trying to flee the country.

This was confirmed by Louis Lacalle Poe The Uruguayan government has received official requests from Afghan nationals to flee to Uruguay. He explained that the countrys “has open arms for those people who have to flee their homeland” He added that the corresponding evaluations will be conducted for this purpose.

The Uruguayan president added that It will not recognize the Afghan government imposed by the Taliban that ousted the pro-Western leader Ashraf Ghani.

Uruguay’s ambassador to Iran, Carlos Sagarbi, revealed that some applications have already been submitted by Afghans seeking asylum in the country. Cases, so far, have been from Students and professionals.

Uruguay does not have an embassy in Afghanistan, so relations are responsible for the embassy in Tehran. At the time, Al-Sagharibi confirmed that these are isolated cases and not a case of mass denial.

“I have spoken with my colleagues from Latin America and they are receiving, both at the embassy and other Latin American embassies, requests from students who want to come to Latin America to study on the pretext that they cannot continue to do so in Afghanistan.” The ambassador said Telemundo.

For its part, the Uruguayan Ministry of Foreign Affairs declared, through a statement, its concern and rejection of “the state of instability, insecurity and institutional deterioration in Afghanistan, especially due to the lack of respect for the human rights of the Afghan people.” . “.

In addition, he expressed his position in support of the role of the UN High Commissioner. Through monitoring and surveillance, it is intended to protect and support those who are under attack, persecution and violations of their rights, as well as to ensure that all foreigners and Afghans who wish to do so can freely leave their lands. Country “.

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Last week, the Taliban banned Afghans from leaving their country and declared Kabul airport open only to foreign nationals. Despite this, nearly 100 countries confirmed that they had received assurances from the Taliban that Afghan nationals wishing to leave the country would be able to do so.

The desperation of Afghans climbing a wall at the country's main airport.
The desperation of Afghans climbing a wall at the country’s main airport.

Uruguayans in Afghanistan

Nelson Rimbau is a Uruguayan who works in Afghanistan to provide food aid. He is the Acting Head of Humanitarian Aviation for the World Food Programme. In an interview with the newspaper observerHe told how he had been living every day, for two months, at the Kabul airport.

They are transported in UN armored cars and cannot be lowered into the street, at least until they reach the airport. Living nearby, every time an explosion occurs, the windows and doors of your building move. And in the same way that you can wake up to it, you can also wake up to absolute silence.

In Kabul, he conducts operations from the UN terminal at the airport, managing all humanitarian flights for various UN agencies and international NGOs. He knows and says that because of his work he will be the last to leave.

Another case that has gained public importance in Uruguay is the case of Mylene Torn and Noemi Schur. Both women were born in Young, a town of 16,500 people in western Uruguay. They have worked since 2008 as Shelter Now volunteers until they were evacuated from Afghanistan due to the political situation.

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They were able to leave on a German Air Force flight obtained by the Uruguayan Chancellery.

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