Facts and Lies from the British Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth

The production, which received the most number of nominations in the Golden Globe, has “sparked a blister”, although the British government Netflix was asked to clarify that the story was only a part of fictionThere are several data that call into question his idea, as shown Vanguard.

The request that was submitted to the broadcast platform arose at the historical moment that the quarrels of Princess Diana, who received rude advice to seduce Prince Charles; The production premiered in 2016 and Until 2020, the royal family had not expressed anything relevant in this regard.

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Some facts and lies that “The Crown” has revealed about the British royal family in its fourth season

The producers of the Netflix series have had great biographers, such as Robert Lacey, and journalists specializing in royalty and documentaries. Giving the necessary realism to the article, an example of this is the war with the IRA.

UK government Yes, he fought in 1972 against the Northern Ireland independence movement, As shown at the start of the fourth season of production; There it appears that the chaos was used as a curtain to cover some movements of the crown, although there is no evidence of this.

The “crown” is mistaken for the first meeting between Diana and CarlosSince she wasn’t performing in A Midsummer Night’s Dream nor was she wearing a mask either, the little girl actually met the heir to the crown at a ball staged in Althorp, as shown Respected.

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Here is a map of where the first meeting took place:

Here’s an excerpt from the first time Diana saw her (16th grade) cousin Carlos, because yes, they had family ties:

  • Balmoral’s strange test

To many, this story that the family puts anyone who wants to approach them to the test seems like a joke from the writers of the series, but the former butler of the royal house confirmed at the time. The Daily Record That, “If the Queen invites you to Balmoral, she invites you to spend time with the royal family in a personal place.” This is actually a test.

“Balmoral is a great place to be with the royal family and to get to know you. It can be a test to make sure you pass the examThe man in the middle confirmed.

  • “Whatever the meaning of love (whatever the meaning of love)” said Carlos when he announced his engagement to Diana.

While Diana was excited for the rest of her life with Carlos, it seemed like it was already clear that their commitment was something other than love, because In the letter announcing that he would marry, he said the phrase that the series featured. It all started the wrong way.

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Although any kind of disease always appears hundreds of kilometers from the royal family, the truth is that Mrs. Dee suffers from this disease and confirmed it in the documentary “Diana: In Her Own Words” (“Diana: In Her Private Life” words) ; Her problem arose from a comment made by Carlos.

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Esquire states that Nerisa and Catherine Bowes-Lyon were the Queen’s nieces, but were born disabled, and this may cast a shadow over the family’s image, so they decide to isolate them, and before society, they declare their death; This is another positive point for the producers of ‘The Crown’, because the premiums have been removed, so far only Catherine lives.

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