Bentley has launched The Bentley Record Room, Manchester’s most luxurious and exclusive members’ club

Bentley Motors announces Manchester’s most exclusive luxury members club: The Bentley Record Room, an intimate lounge designed by the Bentley Motors design team at Co-op Live, Manchester’s most anticipated music and entertainment arena.

Adjoining the Artists Green Room is the Bentley Record Room inside a new £365m music and entertainment venue, which is set to become the UK’s largest live music arena. Luxe members will have access to the space before, during and after events at Co-op Live, with top-of-the-line tickets for live shows, as well as access to an exciting variety of special events at The Bentley Record Room.

The 100-capacity club will provide the ultimate in luxury and intimacy for music lovers, with fine dining options, private host and bartender service, designated parking, and VIP entrance to the venue. The lavish interiors will be designed by Bentley’s design team, replicating the bespoke finishes and designs of its luxury cars. The space will feature low-carbon Beluga leather seating and expertly crafted Bentley Home upholstery, created in collaboration with Luxury Living Group.

Bentley has launched The Bentley Record Room, Manchester’s most luxurious and exclusive members’ club

“We are delighted to offer music lovers a place dedicated to Bentley, an environment as luxurious and welcoming as a Bentley interior, allowing them to experience the craftsmanship, beauty and luxury that can be found in each of our cars, but so often. , “widespread and completely immersive”, Christoph Hohmann

for his part, Sam Piccioni, Chairman of OVG International, added: “Bentley is British number one in luxury, making them the perfect brand to name this one-of-a-kind venue. As the UK’s first luxury private members’ club within the stadium,” the Bentley Record Room will put Manchester ahead of any venue. other, including London, for unparalleled entertainment. It will definitely be one of the best and most luxurious places in the world to enjoy live events.”

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Therefore, Bentley Motors announces Manchester’s most exclusive luxury members’ club: The Bentley Record Room,

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