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Those who are enrolled in the “Course for Modernizing and Expanding the Publication of Earth and Space Sciences”, which will be held from March in the Knowledge Park, held the first informational meeting with teachers and staff of the Center for Education in Earth and Space Sciences.

In coordination with the National Universities of Misiones and La Plata -UNaM and UNLP-, the Center for Earth and Space Sciences Education (CECTE) in Parque del Conocimiento will present, starting in March, the first Publication course in earth and space sciencesits purpose is to provide the necessary pedagogical tools for university students and teachers at the secondary, university and university level, in the midst of a new educational paradigm, to impart scientific knowledge, applicable in this case to science from Earth and space.

In this way, as classes begin to dictate the doors, the staff of CECTE, together with the faculty and the head of Parque del Conocimiento, Dr. Claudia Gautto welcomed the 50 registrants and gave details of the course.

After the initial greetings from Dr. Gauto, in which she told the audience about the different activities that take place in the park, Liliana Maya, Executive Coordinator of CECTE and UNaM teacher, introduced the UNaM teachers Maria Itati Rodríguez and Rosaura Barrios, both PhDs in Social Communication and Conicet researchers, who will be responsible It is about providing students with communication resources to transfer scientific knowledge to society.

Then, via recorded video, Belén Martorelli–Bachelor of Atmospheric Sciences–and Lucila Chryselbord-DRA. In Astronomy-, they are excited about the imminent start of the course, making way for astronomer and director of CECTE and the Astronomical Observatory for Missions, Luis Martorelli.

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“There is no country without science or scientific development,” Martorelli said, stressing the importance of forming trained work teams to attract interest in science in society. “We need knowledge to spread it and, moreover, to discuss it. There is no science or people who can impart knowledge if it does not question itself. The question is the mother of answers,” he ended rhetorically.

At the end, future students, under the guidance of Federico Ulises López, District Coordinator, received a guided tour of CECTE’s facilities and the Astronomical Observatory.

Teaching team:

UNaM – College of Humanities and Social Sciences (FHyCS)

-doctor. in Social Communication, Maria Itati Rodriguez, CONICET Researcher, Professor of the Social Communication Profession at FHyCS-UNaM. Director of the Permanent Counseling Program “Balhan Alami”.

-doctor. in Social Communication, Rosaura Barrios, CONICET Research Assistant, Professor of the Social Communication Profession at FHyCS-UNaM. Co-Director of the Permanent Mentoring Program “Balhan Elmi”. (the one with glasses).

-Lic. Liliana Maia, researcher and professor of social communication at FHyCS-UNaM

UNLP (National University of La Pata)

-Lic. in Atmospheric Sciences Belen Martorelli is a CONICET Research Fellow. Professor at Komishingonis National University.

-doctor. in astronomy Lucila Kraiselburd is a researcher at CONICET and the College of Astronomical and Geophysical Sciences of La Plata (FCAGLP-UNLP) and Professor in the College of Engineering (FI) at UNLP.

-Lic. In astronomy Luis Martorelli, director of the LOCE (Optics, Calibration and Testing Laboratory) of the FCAGLP, is a professor at UNLP. In charge of the course program in “Publication in Earth and Space Sciences” organized by Parque del Conocimiento / CECTE.

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-Lic. in Astronomy Diego Pajo, Principal of Air Libre High School. UNLP Planetarium Director. Researcher and teacher at UNLP and UNAJ (Arturo Gorecchi National University).

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