‘Batman’: How did Robert Pattinson’s partner react to watching the movie?

The premiere of “Batman” the latest movie Warner Bros. and DC Comics, and her box office success was interviewed by her hero Robert Pattinson, in mid-February, she appeared again. It was done in program Jimmy Kimmel Live!

During the interview the actor who plays Bruce Wayne Tell something that happened when he first saw the whole movie. He was accompanied by his girlfriend, British actress and singer Suki Waterhouse, known for her performance in the movie “Seance”.

turns up Robert I was very nervous about the outcome of the movie. “I was so terrified. The actor explained that I hadn’t been afraid of a movie premiere in a long time.” Jimmy Kimmel.

However, it was the reaction of her partner, who is not familiar with superhero movies, that gave her peace of mind.

“I’m sure she’s not one to watch superhero movies. And I could see that she was attentive the whole time. From there he took me by the hand. [el actor se lleva la mano al pómulo] I felt a little tear. At that moment I said “Impossible!” Robert Patterson between laughter.

‘Batman’ is the second best movie show yet in this pandemic

As expected, “Batman”new movie Warner Bros. And the DC Comics, is a box office success. But perhaps something unexpected is that it is the most important theatrical release of 2022 and the second most important show so far in the pandemic, after Spider-Man: There is no room for home.

On Monday, March 7, it was learned that from Thursday to Sunday the movie will star Robert Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz It grossed $128.5 million from 4,417 US and Canadian theaters, nearly triple Uncharted’s box office opening of $44 million.

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However, “Batman” It was a long way from a big premiere during the pandemic: Spider-Man: There is no room for homeWhich reached 260 million last December. However, the new “Dark Knight” movie is the second best premiere since the start of the pandemic.

In terms of the international box office, the film directed by Matt Reeves has reached 120 million, in a total of 74 countries. This results in a global box office of $248.5 million. Not bad if we consider that the film was not shown in a densely populated country like Russia, due to the invasion of Ukraine by its armed forces.

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