Basic security measure to protect data before you change your cell phone

Are you about to change your smart phone? Are you planning to sell or give away a product you no longer use? Before doing that, it Very important to delete all your data From the phone, even if the person who will receive it is trustworthy: you never know where your old cell phone might end up or in whose hands your information will be exposed to strangers.

To protect your privacy and prevent your personal data, private conversations and passwords from being left on the device, it is necessary to take a series of Precautions before you dispose of your old mobile phone. Here we share how to securely erase all your data.

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The first thing you should do is to make sure that your old and new devices are fully charged and connected to a stable Wi-Fi internet. This way you can carry out the process without interruption.

Then it is necessary Make a backup copy on the old cell phone Some of the data you want to keep: contacts, photos, files, and documents.

How to backup on Android

to make Backup on Android You have to go to settings, then to “System“, and in”Advanced Options” You will see “to supportThere you will find the option to create automatic copies at a certain frequency, and you can “force” it at that moment by touching “.Create a backup now“.

It is also necessary to Backups in widely used applications, for example The WhatsApp. Facebook-Meta Messenger also provides automation of this process. Now, if the phone is formatted, it is important to expect and create a file to support of content on WhatsApp. Otherwise, after the reset, messages sent and received after the last backup will not appear.

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How to backup WhatsApp chats

Inside WhatsApp you must Touch the three points located in the upper right part of the screen, then in “chat“Finally”to support“.

There you will see when the last backup was made, and below the button Memorizes To perform “to support

How to transfer data from old cell phone to new phone.

Currently, Transferring data from one phone to another is much easier That a few years ago. Now most of our digital assets are stored in the “cloud”.

When you start your Android phone for the first time, the operating system will ask to enter a Google account. In this way, the device will automatically sync all the information between both phones. This process will take a few minutes but when it is finished you will have all your information, including the apps you have downloaded, on the new mobile.

Step by step, how to safely erase cell phone data before changing it

Once the backup is done, the data is synced and with your new cell phone already working with your Google account, it is It’s time to start deleting your information of the phone you are going to sell or give away.

The first stepAs it may seem obvious, is to remove the SIM card from the device, and if there is a memory card.

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For smartphones with modern version of Android, quite simply Reset device to factory settings. Depending on the manufacturer, the corresponding option can also be called “Erase all data” or “Factory settings”.

For older devices, you will first need to find the menu option “encryption“in settings – for example, in”protection—and, if necessary, enable encryption first before performing a factory reset.

In the case of iOS devices – iPhone or iPad – just go to Settings and select the option “General / iPhone Transfer / ResetApple has provided all factory-encrypted devices since the release of iOS 7 (2013).

How to safely erase, in two steps, all the data on your smartphone before you sell it or give it away

Restoring default settings erases the key that unlocked the device when you enter the lock code or scan your fingerprint. This means that Memory access has been lost irretrievably From then on, only new data can be written.

to remember: It is very important that you make sure to back up the data that you do not want to lose. Once you reset the smartphone to factory settings, there will be no turning back and there will be no way to get your data back.

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