ESO Blackwood’s companions arrive with exclusive missions, sophistication and depth

We interviewed ZeniMax about a new addition to the Elder Scrolls Online expansion.

ZeniMax y Bethesda They revealed their plans for Sheikh Scrolls online In 2021, which, as we already knew, will revolve around an adventure called Oblivion gatesMore specifically, it will include Blackwood’s Great Expansion And two smaller DLC: Flames of Ambition in the spring, and in the future one final point for the yet to be revealed story. At 3DJuegos we had the opportunity to meet director Rich Lambert to talk about someone Big changes That will come this year.

Of course, we wanted to know more about it Accompanying NPCs, Who in the past actively participated in our battles, and everything indicates that they will return this time More possibilities Start. “I’m sure you can’t use them for PvP, but you can use them almost anywhere else” Design says: You can customize Roles (Damage, Tank, Support) In addition to the weapons and abilities they use, they also have their own mechanically advanced (leveling) progression system and combo.

In other words, to gain the trust of one of these allies, we will have to complete certain missions while exploring Blackwood, and even once they are added to our team, it will be possible to develop their stories through Special missions. “I think one of the things that makes MMO games fun is Social linksLambert later commented. The key to any future progress [en el género] It is facilitating those types of links. How do you do this to keep in touch with the friends you meet? “

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Imagen de The Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood

Although it was nothing more than a digression, the truth is that we found a good way to get back to colleagues: “They help Single players To more easily enter Group content“Because some dungeons and high-level PvE materials can now be made available to players who might not dare to mix with larger groups, but with one friend, for example.” Ideally, you should be able to complete a four-person dungeon using “cause” buddies that helps reduce friction. […] It’s like going one step at a time ”I hope, of course, to help players interact with more intense content.

Flames of Ambition DLC content will be available on PC and Stadia starting March 8th, followed by TESO Blackwood on June 8th. On consoles, each release will be performed for an additional week. We’ll also have a finale at the end of the year.

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