Bambita arrived in Ibiza and the first pictures appeared: “For enjoyment”.

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Bambita He enjoyed the enormous fortune – which he earned, by the way – from being able to combine work with trips to amazing places. She is hired by a hotel chain and at this time of the year, with the winter holidays in Argentina approaching, she travels to different places to show off the qualities of that hotel company.

On this occasion, he arrived in the last hours in Spain, to one of the places par excellence to forget the cold that afflicts our Argentina. “Just got to Ibiza to have fun”, Karolina wrote in the post to which she added the first photos from — according to the renovated hotel.

From the island, she appeared in a long dress with a V-neck and an open back. Loose clothing, ideal for a venue, so that the breeze can play with the balls below. Of course, do not lose style, not even going to the beach.

Bambita is enjoying the sun

Carolina took the opportunity to treat herself to ice cream and explore the amenities of the place she had arrived for a few days. Rooms with balcony with sea view. In addition to a wide area for hiking, with unique landscapes, and palm trees that give it a distinctive touch.

Trips like these are always at hand. Before the summer holidays, the same thing will happen again. Without going any further, he arranged his arrival at the Dance 2023 jury, but with this condition: that they let him leave every time these destinations come his way to work. He even earned his teammates playing a prank on him with this.

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Enjoy Bambita with a delicious ice cream to counter the heat
Part of the hotel facilities
Part of the hotel’s garden

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