Pack his bags: Antonio Lage has been spotted away from Argentina

It is known to the public Antonio Lay He is not only a successful TV host, but also an accomplished airplane pilot. That is why, a few days ago, Lam gave an interview to the journalist to talk about the health trip that took Jorge Real from Colombia to Argentina. To that effect, the animator said: “From what I saw, it came with a Colombian company, if I’m not mistaken, it was a Learjet 45 (aircraft model), with which you have no room.”

Then the Good Morning America driver explained: “You have to technically stop for gas. But it’s very fast, half an hour. The doctors determine what kind of ride you need, if it’s non-stop, it’s in more serious condition. If the patient’s condition is stable, I understand that The riyal is coming, so there is no problem. in the same vein, Antonio Lay He added, “If the doctor tells you that everything is fine, you treat yourself normally, but if he says to you ‘I want you to maintain a certain pressure in the cabin’, then in case a deviation is needed, you should consult a doctor.”

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