Artificial intelligence is an ally to meet the demand for electricity

January 12, 2022 | 05:00

the Artificial intelligence It can be an ally to help meet the continuous increase in demand for electricity; just in Mexico, it is estimated that demand will grow 6.8% in 2024 Compared to 2020, while globally It will increase by 20% in 2040.

According to data from Wilson Center and From National Electricity Grid Development Program 2019-2033And China e India They will account for half of the growth in global energy demand.

What we see in Europe, China and the United States is huge investments in renewable energy and investments in technological innovation

Duncan Wood, vice president of the Wilson Center for Strategy and New Initiatives, warned.

the Artificial intelligence It will provide predictive capabilities through analytical parameters that keep critical assets operating at maximum efficiency.

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In addition, it will enable real-time problem detection, risk assessment and remediation and provide technicians with mobile support tools.

Increase the per capita share of electricity

According to forecasts from the US Energy Information Administration (EIA for its acronym in English), between 2019 and By 2033, the average per capita electricity consumption in the world will be 0.6%, and net generation will grow by 1.5%.

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Given this, energy producers are preparing for a world Subsequent hydrocarbons, With a focus on hydrogen Verdienergy storage and in lithium, As there is concern in governments around the world about climate change Focus on renewable energy.

The opposite happens in Mexico, since the Federal Electricity Authority (Palm) and PetrĂ³leos Mexicanos (Pemix) focus on concentrating the investment risks in one company, rather than doing it with private companies.

CFE and Pemex focus on legacy technologies and hydrocarbons. There is no concern in these two companies in terms of environmental governance and regulation.

Wood said.

“Decarbonizing the Economy”

Artificial intelligence will be a very important tool in energy sector Because with access to more data, it will be possible to make better forecasts of energy demand, as well as achieve efficiency.

An analysis by the Spanish insurance company Aserta indicated that artificial intelligence in the energy sector is used to carry out primary maintenance tasks that make it possible to find a balance between supply and demand.

The company considered that artificial intelligence has become a key lever in the progress towards Decarbonizing the economy.

He stated that the case electrical networks, It is necessary to analyze data and information in real time, so that processing is faster, more efficient and useful through artificial intelligence.

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