Hundreds of dogs get sick after walking on the beach

  • Vets on the Yorkshire coast explain to the Guardian that there has been a significant increase in severe diarrhea and vomiting among animals

a mysterious disease he hit dog Off the coast of Yorkshire, in United kingdom. As mentioned ‘Watchman‘Vets and owners have warned in recent days of a significant increase in cases vomiting serious and Diarrhea that occurred among the animals that walked along the shores of this region.

This Monday, the vet nurse proud brogan He posted a message on Facebook asking dog owners not to go to the beach after discovering a significant increase in this mysterious disease that can affect “thousands” of dogs. The publication drew testimonies of similar cases of people who visited beaches with their dogs during the first days of January.

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Besides theories circulating across networks, Proud explained that no veterinarian, agency or authority has been able to identify a cause for this disease, which is unknown if it is related to the ingestion of any substance washed up on the beach or showered. in the sea. No link has been established between this disease and the beaches Yorkshire.

The vet explained, “If it’s a virus or bacteria, it will spread through urine, feces or secretions. And we all know how dogs love to meet and greet each other: nose to nose, buttock touch and all sorts of things.” His recommendation is to wash dogs well and be aware of their behavior.

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