Artificial intelligence and biology, the central elements of Ciencia GG

Artificial intelligence and biology, the central elements of Ciencia GGSierra Martin (MAPE Productions)

Technology Science Park Tenerifefrom Insular Corporation, He cooperated with the celebration of these conferences that are held in Second edition of the Tenerife GG, which has chosen biology, technology and computing as the main topics of its talks. In three and a half hours, the speakers condensed some pearls of their professional knowledge to share with the attendees.


Biotechnologist Maria Gomez He began his presentations with a Presentation on DNA as a data storage system. After several comparisons with traditional digital systems, such as USB, he revealed the suitability of this vital molecule for storing information. Through the process of encoding, synthesizing, storing, sequencing, and decoding, it is possible to store data in DNA, although currently the extra economic cost rules it out as something viable at the user level.

continuous Biomedical Sandra Ortonops (La Hiperactina), who attracts the attention of attendees with memes and humor to talk about food hangovers. There is no shortage of data on the intoxicating and unwanted effects of alcohol on the body, but it brings concepts about neurotransmitters, neuronal activity, and process inhibition with enviable freshness. Science can’t prove why this is, but it could indicate that effects such as dehydration or lack of sleep are linked to the onset of symptoms associated with a hangover. Explanation of biomedicine

Turn off Professor in cryptography by ULLPino Caballero, who showed the sexy side of cryptography, how some codes can be vulnerable when establishing the communication connection and indicate the use of quantum computers to protect information. the next, Itahisa Marcelino, a pharmacist and physician in cardiovascular epidemiology, puts on the table the alarming data on the prevalence of diabetes in Canary Islands and associated mortality rates, six times higher than other autonomous communities. Although risk factors remain, the differences in the Canary Islands began to be attributed to genetic differences due to migration from North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa thousands of years ago.

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Ana Morales (Sizematters), expert in nanoscience and nanotechnology, He talked about the importance of how by analyzing video game maps, which allow him to make comparisons to real cities. Thus it is revealed that Hyrule, the Zelda video game map, has a similar extension to Garachico’s map. Then Rocío Vidal (Schrödinger’s cat), journalist and publisher, clearly exposed the dangers of disinformation due to the misuse of artificial intelligence, fake news and media that disguise disinformation as science.

Presentations finished Carlos Santana (“dotCSV”), AI Communications Officer, Highlighting the progress of the technological revolution and the progress of deep learning. It shifted from supervised learning to self-supervised learning, ushering in a paradigm shift and generation of more personalized and controlled images, video, and audio.

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