April 22, Earth Day: Warning of the social and environmental crisis accelerating the destruction of the planet | climate change

The Earth day Officially, the International Mother Earth DayHis motto this year will be “Invest in Our Planet”. The United nations Warns again of the urgent measures that must be taken to reduce the consequences climate change and the social and environmental crisis that the planet is going through as a severe consequence of the current system of production and consumption.

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“Mother Earth is clearly asking us to act. The oceans are filling up with plastic and becoming more acidic. Extreme temperatures, wildfires, floods and other weather events have affected millions of people. Even today we are facing COVID-19, one A global health pandemic has a strong relationship to the health of our ecosystemThe United Nations published it on its website to raise awareness of this day.

This institution also adds that “crimes that disturb biodiversity, such as deforestation, change in land use, extensive agricultural and livestock production or the increased illegal trade in wildlife, can Accelerate the rate of planet destruction“.

It is noteworthy that in 2021 the United States –The second largest emitter of greenhouse gases after ChinaThe virtual summit was organized in which President Alberto Fernandez participated. The White House urged world leaders to use the event to force cuts in carbon emissions. Among the participants were Chinese President Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin of Russia.

Joe Biden’s idea It is regaining the lead against global warmingHe was marginalized by his predecessor, Donald Trump, a climate change denier.

How was Earth Day born?

The promoter of the founding of this day was United States Senator and Environmental Activist, Gaylord Nelson, in order to show The interrelationship between ecosystems and the organisms that inhabit them.

The first demonstration was on April 22, 1970, which Nelson promoted to create an environmental agency. Two thousand universities and more than ten thousand schools and different communities participated in that call. Social pressure caused the United States government to establish Environmental Protection Agency The (EPA) and Congress passed a series of laws aimed at protecting the environment.

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Finally, in 2009, the United Nations General Assembly declared this day as International Mother Earth Dayexpressing the need to promote harmony with nature, and a fair balance between the economic, social and environmental needs of present and future generations.

3 Tips for Kids on Reducing Environmental Damage

Importance For children to grow up realizing the importance of caring about where we liveUndoubtedly, she secures her future. The idea is that children can learn about environmental pollution and human-caused actions that end up harming the health of the planet and the health of living things.

Therefore, some simple and everyday actions can be carried out such that they include:

  • Learn to recycle. It is important that children usually combine waste disposal separately, distinguishing between different waste materials. They also control the use of items such as paper, which is causing widespread deforestation around the world. It is also important to help them know that all things can have a second life, and can be reused by giving them another use. For this, toys or musical instruments can be made from plastic bottles, for example. An activity, a game, that can spark their imagination.

  • Doing outdoor activities, in contact with nature. The idea is Accompany them in the importance of not polluting the rivers or the place we live in with the waste we produce. To learn in a natural and enjoyable way the value of nature; Water, air, land. The main thing is not to pollute the planet.

  • Talk about caring for the environment both at home and at school. It is essential to talk about this issue and the consequences of not doing so, in every family and in schools, so that children know that all the actions we do have a potentially negative impact on our ecosystem.

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Earth Day in Argentina and in the world

at ArgentinaOn Friday, social, environmental and political organizations participate in Global Climate March, calling for public policies to change development and production models that reduce the impact of climate change. Focus will be on The city of Buenos Aires and other capitals in the interior of the country.

Starts from 17, participants will meet in the Plaza de Mayo From there it will go to Congress. “We take to the streets to continue the fight for this world that we believe is possible. A world that is social, environmental, climate, gender and racial justice. A world that fits all worlds,” the organization said. Climate Save Argentina.

Other claims will be for Wetland Law Agro-environmental production and an energy transition plan, where they warn that 53% of the greenhouse gas emissions produced in Argentina correspond to power generation.

In addition, the Buenos Aires City Government I planned various activities that will be carried out on Saturday and Sunday, in Usina del Arte, linked to recycling, composting, sustainable enterprises, consumption and gastronomic proposals To learn to eat healthy and environmentally friendly.

The United Nations Assembly An event – “Harmony with Nature and Biodiversity” – will be held in the form of an interactive dialogue (this Friday at 10, New York time) through UN WebTV. There will be committee members who will talk about the relationship between harmony with Nature and biodiversity and initiatives in environmental economics and laws that focus on respecting our planet to rebuild a better world.

Earth Day around the world

the organization Earth day She has a campaign focused on the 21st century economy that restores the health of our planet, protects our species, and provides opportunity for all. This is the time to change everything: Business climate, political climate and how we take action on climate. Now is the time for unstoppable courage to preserve and protect our health, our families and our means of livelihood,” asserts the entity. The entity calls on businesses, governments and citizens to join a coalition for the planet.

at Colombiasocial, environmental and trade union organizations, along with Fracking Free Colombia . Alliance, Actions in several cities against projects in this way promoted by the government. “We will take to the streets in a peaceful, happy and festive way to celebrate Earth Day and reject the deception of Ivan Duque who travels the world and talks about climate change but here, in Colombia, mega projects are imposing extractive,” organizers say.

Mexico Prepares to mobilize under the question “How many must die to defend Mother Earth?” In the Zocalo, the Mexican capital, a rally will be held to demand justice for the assassinated defenders of the land.

at EuropeAir France and KLM have launched a campaign inviting frequent flyers to donate airline miles, through the Flying Blue Card, to the NGO WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) and to the Ocean Cleanup Foundation. The initiative will run until May 6.

in Arlington, United State, a free and family-friendly festival to celebrate Earth Day with activities, demonstrations and tours to learn about the planet and the environment. Schools, universities, and various environmental organizations will carry out activities and events across the country.

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