Apple has included an unusual feature in the new iPhone 13 Pro

Pro versions of the iPhone 13 come with a promotional update (Reuters)

Pro versions of iPhone 13 include Super Retina displays with updated ProMotion technology. “It’s a clever way to kill two birds with one technological stone: Smoother scrolling, clearer text, and the benefit people care about most: Longer battery lifeTech columnist Jason Aton revealed.

a) yes, For the first time in an Apple phone, the high-frequency 120Hz screen, previously this technology was reserved for the high-end iPad Pro.

Apple CEO Tim Cook holds the iPhone 13 Pro Max (Reuters)
Apple CEO Tim Cook holds the iPhone 13 Pro Max (Reuters)

And the best thing about having a ProMotion display is not only that you have a high refresh rate, but that your iPhone dynamically changes the refresh rate based on what’s going on.

Android phones have had 120Hz displays for a while, some of which are able to switch between 60Hz and 120Hz for example depending on what’s happening on the screen. This, in and of itself, is not entirely new. It takes a lot of energy to light up and refresh your screen, so the fewer times you have to redraw what you see, the better. Other devices with higher refresh rates can be set based on what’s displayed on the screen. For example, if you’re watching a movie shot at 24 frames per second, the screen might refresh to 24 or 48 Hz. If you are playing a game, it may refresh to 120Hz. The application basically determines the refresh rate. .

On the iPhone, this is still true, but Apple has gone even further by including an unusual method for determining which refresh rate to use. The iPhone 13 Pro or 13 Pro Max literally measures the speed of your finger on the screen and then adjusts the screen refresh rate.

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So if you use Twitter and read a tweet, the iPhone 13 Pro drops to 10Hz. If you start scrolling slowly, you can choose a faster refresh rate, say 60Hz. If you scroll fast, it can go up to 90 or 120 Hz. “Apple doesn’t say exactly how many different refresh rates the display uses, just because it designed the system to adapt the refresh rate to the speed of your finger,” Apple explains.

“The reason I think this is so cool is because Apple has gone out of its way that other companies don’t offer a real advantage that those other companies don’t. Instead of just changing the refresh rate based on the app you’re using, it changes based on how you use the appAton analysis.

to be made, Apple had to go all out to build a system that detects how fast your finger is reacting and then integrates it into ProMotion.. The goal of this extra effort is for the display to always use the most efficient refresh rate based on what’s happening on the screen and how you interact with the device. This means that it consumes less power and improves battery life..

Yes, it turns out that the ProMotion display has a lot to do with improving battery life.

iPhone 13 Pro كاميرا camera
iPhone 13 Pro كاميرا camera

Most people worry about two things when buying a new iPhone. How good are the cameras and how long will the battery last? Smartphones have limited internal space to place all components. That’s why the camera on this year’s Pro models has gotten larger to accommodate larger sensors, longer focal lengths, and faster apertures.

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As for battery life, there isn’t much room for more cells inside. This means that you have to make the device more efficient and with ProMotion it is.

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